Did high volume SSB get revamped? it appears to be less volume

I notice that there are two endurance days per week now and the volume doesn’t increase from ssb 1 to 2. The writes ups for each block still say the plans involve 5 sweet spot days and that the volume in ssb 2 goes up to 10- 11.5 hours per week but looking through the block I see that all the weeks are 9 hours. Any input is much appreciated!

All the main sequence of plans got a revamp earlier this year around the time AT was announced.

I think the reasoning was that it was better for AT (and riders) to have a lower starting poing on which to base recommendations rather than start with the existing plans and pull people back because they were overstretching. Of course that means that someone who isn’t using AT gets a much easier plan without really knowing why. There’s Alternate Workouts for that scenario.

The write ups are probably one of those things that’s slipped through the net, there was discussion either on the podcast on in a thread here about the text being mostly redundant since it would become incorrect very quickly as each person got their own adaptations.


That is unbelievably helpful! I have heard vaguely about AT but I’ve been off TR since it’s been implemented. I’m going to check it out. Thank a lot!

The updated plans are independent of AT, an episode of the podcast covered that and Jonathan was explicit that the updated plans are better and do not require AT.

This thread:

has a very long first post, and a convenient bookmark that will take you to the Updated Plans FAQ.

If you ignore the marketing speak (and I’ll not be snarky), TrainerRoad has realized that making plans harder is not better, and they rebuilt the plans with smoother progressions and less hard work to improve consistency.

The previous SSB HV (my first TR plan in Dec 2017) looked like a mutant block periodization. In block periodization you do 5 hard workouts in week1, then weeks 2-4 you do only 1 hard workout (plus easy workouts). In the previous SSB HV you do 5 hard workouts a week for 5 weeks, with no corresponding 15 week deload :rofl:

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