Did Doc's Chamois Cream go out of business?

Does anyone know? Their product has been out of stock everywhere I look for many months - even their own website. I’ve tried the others, but Doc’s has always been my favorite :disappointed_relieved:

Is this it?

No, that’s a different product of theirs. This is it:


Ah I see - I don’t have anything on it and also couldn’t find any. I hope you can figure it out :neutral_face:

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Every year they run out of product. I swear what does it take to see demand and then “supply”. Guess they are afraid to have inventory even though the product has a very long shelve life. Victim of success? Anyway the product usually comes back by Feb. March so stock up. I do.

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Very interesting. Thanks for the insight. Weird, I even sent them a direct email and got no response at all.

Well to resurrect this…Looks like they might have gone bye-bye as they use to have a website (one page) saying they will be back but I could not find that. Shame great product. hope it comes back!!