Diagnosed with Prostatitis (Acute) - Do I have to give up cycling?

Anyone have experience dealing with this infection? Long story short - healthy 36yo male who spend a lot of time on the training the last 18 months (less recently due to work) - I came down with a brutal infection that landed me in the ER. They pumped me with some strong antibiotics there so I am now on the mend but urologist mentioned my prostate is now the size of what a 75yo’s would be and that cycling may have something to do with it. He mentioned that even if it shrunk post inflammation, my prostate in generally seems to be bigger than most people my age.

Anyone dealing with prostate issues as cyclist? Huge bummer obviously, as I love to ride and may have to ride outdoors and look for a different seat (current riding the specialized power saddle).

Let me know if you guys have any thoughts or advice. Thank you for hearing me out.

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I Had a couple of issues where due to saddle pressure in the perineum mine had swollen up and caused an infection, or similar symptoms. I am early 40s. It was only temporary but very painful.

I switched to the bi saddle and I now have one on both my TT and road bike. They are completely adjustable so you can avoid pressure in that area or pretty much any area you need. I have not had any issues since even riding in the aero position for a couple of hours. I have mine as wide as possible so i don’t get inner thigh rub. Tried other saddles with a gap / opening but none come close to the size of the opening you can get with the bi saddle. I can send some pics of my set up if needed.


I’ve dealt with chronic prostatitis for about the last 30 years. I was diagnosed with a stricture in my urethra in my late 20s and had that opened up but still get occasional flare ups every once in a while. My symptoms are usually the sensation of sitting on walnut and/or screwed up urine flow. The doc usually prescribes an antibiotic when this happens. I’m not sure if the antibiotic is what clears things up or if the symptoms just goes away on their own.

I would even have flare ups even during times when I wasn’t riding bike.

Like some of the posters above said, make sure most of the pressure is on your sit bones. I also use a saddle with a cutout. I also try to stay hydrated.

The UK NHS doesn’t mention anything about cycling in their explanation of the condition . They reckon if you see the course of anti biotic through it’ll clear up in most Accute cases. I hope they are right, good luck!