Di2 newbie - how to get small-small

I’m a complete newbie to di2. How do I get the chain onto the small-small combination to change the rear wheel with the lowest tension on the chain? The system seems to lock out these cross-chaining ratios.

This seems to imply that you have the system set up so that you only use the one lever to change gears [right one]. But you can over-ride that by using the left lever, which still controls the front chain ring. So change to the smallest cog at the back, using the right lever. then use the left lever to change to the small ring at the front.

The latest software does not allow small small, i just put in smallest possible and remove wheel, you may have to just push Rd back for wheel to drop out.

no need, it will come out in the 3rd smallest

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To answer the question though…Shift to where it’s small chain ring and then you double click the junction A. This will then allow you to shift the rear to small. Once you do what you need to do, double click the junction A again and it will be back in full syncro mode.


Di2 only lets you get into the 3rd smallest gear while in the small ring. Never been an issue for me, I leave my bike in that gear combo on the trainer to remove as much tension as possible.

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