Di2 crash mode reset by itself while riding?

Searched but couldn’t find much info on this.

I have a Tarmac with Ultregra Di2 11sp. Today during a race I turned onto a rough gravel road section and hit some washboard at speed. It was pretty violent. I didn’t fall or anything but as I got sorted out in the chaos I realized I was in my 11t cog. I tried to shift but no dice. I watched the group ride away and I started mashing the pedals and clicking every button for 30 seconds. I found I was able to shift my front ring. Then magically my rear shifted thru the cogs (like it does when recovering from crash mode). So I sprinted back into the group and survived another day.

Anyone had this happen? Did I actually DO anything that helped? I’ve read that to reset you need to hold the button on the junction box which would have been tough on this road as it’s behind my seatpost. I did not touch the button.

yea typically you just hold the button on the jxn box for 5 seconds and it resets it. You musta hit something hard for it to go into crash mode! Its nice that it protects itself but a total PITA when the junction box isnt easily accessible.

This is where AXS mtb stuff (maybe road too, dont have one) really shines. “crash mode” is badass. Had a guy at the shop show me. He literally kicked his derailleur, it quickly goes inboard several gears to get the derailleur out of harms way, and then resets itself.