Di2 compatible aerobars

Hi, I am searching di2 compatible aerobars (ski bend or j bend extensions + armpads (smaller ones)) for my TT bike.
I am riding fuji norcom straight 1.3 (2014). It has default oval s bend extensions with pretty huge armpads. It’s oval concepts 750/950. Handlebars have 31.8mm clamp area for extensions.
Major problem is too big armpads, I at least need to change those to smaller ones. I tried deda parabolica ones from other bike, bet armpad screws do not match :frowning: Does anyone knows any alternatives from my ovals?
Smaller problem and why I would like to try J/ski bend extensions is that my hands now are almost parallel to the ground, but I naturally want to raise my wrists way above my elbows. I also guess it’s easier to find extensions+armpads then only armpads.