Aero Bar recommendation for Di2 junction box

Hey guys,

I’m looking for a good carbon aero bar for my 2019 Scott Foil 10 with Ultegra Di2.
Stem is the Syncros RR1.0 Aero Foil stem.
I need to be able to integrate the junction box into the drops of the bar, which eliminates a few bars, from what I can tell.
Reach should be compact, which eliminates the 3T Aeronova.

I know there is the Syncros integrated cockpit, which my bike doesn’t have - but it’s expensive, I can’t find any good deals right now and I’m not sure if I really like it.
I like the looks of the Enve Aero Bar - but only the newer version is Di2-compatible (can anyone confirm this?) and it’s not the lightest option. It’s also too expensive new.
Then there’s also the Pro Vibe Aero - which I don’t find super pretty.

Any others?

Specialized Aerofly II is one of my favorite bars. It’s $300. My 44cm weighed 237g. I did the Di2 bar end junction with them. And if you do want the Syncros bar, Competitive Cyclist has it for $400, but you can get 20% off as a new customer if you sign up for the newsletter. Which would bring it down to $320. Enve is another choice but at $400 it’s expensive.

Thanks! Unfortunately, I’m based in Germany :wink:

It’s a pure marketing brand brainwashing thing, I’m just not sure yet what I think about a Specialized bar on a Scott bike…

I feel ya. Easton EC70 have pretty good reviews also and can be had for a pretty good price. 3T Aeronova are another really popular aero bar. I know Bike-Components carry both.

AFAIK the Easton EC90 is not compatible with Di2 - how about the EC70?
The Aeronova seems to have too much reach.

The EC70 are Di2 compatible with internal routing.

Including the possibility to route the electronic cable to the bar ends and integrate the junction box there?

I actually just noticed why the EC90 aren’t Di2 compatible, so I don’t know actually. They have the holes but the EC90 have a solid clamp area, so maybe not. Sorry for the misinformation.

No worries - it’s also being controversely discussed on a Facebook page. It seems to work on some, not on others - too much of a risk for me so I’ll stay away from those.

That leaves me with…

  • Enve SES Aero V2 (too pricey)
  • PRO Vibe Aero (Superlight)
  • S-Works Aerofly

Any others or comments on those in regards to their compatibility with the Foil Aero stem and proper cable routing?

The Zipp SL70 Aero and 3t Aeronova both appear to work with the bar end junction. This is from various forums.

On a side note, it sounds like the Syncros bar/stem combo is not Di2 compatible anyways.

I think it is - the Foil Premium is sold with the integrated cockpit and it has Di2.
I’ll check out the Zipp SL70 Aero - thanks!

Ah, this what just what I read on some forums. Maybe an older version of the bar.

I do not have Di2 so can’t help there but I have owned the 3T Aeronova LTD Bars. Specs: 31.8mm/400mm/104mm Reach/127mm Drop/ Weight 205g (my scale). I recently switched to the Vibe Aero Superlight 31.8mm/380mm/80mm Reach/ 130mm Drop/ Weight 205g (my scale).
The internal routing is very similar on both bars, the Vibes match very well with the Pro Vibe stem. The 3Ts reach is definitely something to consider and they had more flex compared to the Vibes. I haven’t had a chance to ride much with the Vibes but so far seems like a great bar and are specifically made for Di2 especially when matched with the Pro Vibe stem.

I just got a Pro Vibe aero Superlight with fully hidden di2 for my S-Works tarmac. After 1 ride today Doing a covid challenge on Strava and 199 all time power records I’m pretty happy with it.

I’m just waiting on the stem to suit and computer mount.

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That’s another thing to think about. You need the Pro Garmin mount with the Vibe bars. The standard just doesn’t work. I tried.

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Check the Prime Primavera at Wiggle/Chain Reaction. It’s fairly cheap for a carbon aerobar. The cable holes to run internal cables are huge, and it has drillings near the end of the drops (I assume for Di2 wires). CRC had it is a 38cm width too. Also plenty of room for a handlebar mount/clip ons (assuming compatibility).

I like the Enve because of the geometry. Specifically, the slight flare that optimizes width at the hoods for aero and width at the drops for control.

Use the bar of your choice with one of these:


Ritchey and Deda both have bars with aero tops that are compatible with the bar end junction. The Ritchey is more compact, IIRC the Deda bar has a tad more (5mm?) of reach and just slightly more drop. Also you have to be careful shopping for that Deda bar as I believe there was an older version that looked like it but didn’t have all the holes or maybe the bar end didn’t fit, I’m not sure.

If you’re in Germany have you thought of a Canyon bar and stem combo? The H11 comes in plenty of lengths and widths.