Detraining, Is Recovery Trainable, Mental Health and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 293

Join us Thursday, January 14 for a livestream of Episode 293 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast!

We’ll cover how quickly you lose fitness and how quickly it comes back, if you get better at recovering as your training experience increases, how to improve your mental relationship with cycling and much more.

Tune in live on YouTube at 8:00am Pacific, or catch the archive on your favorite podcast app.

YouTube Video:

Topics Covered in This Episode

  • Coach Chad’s 2021 New Year’s Resolutions
  • Do you get better at recovering with more training experience?
  • How to win short TTs
  • Why riding singletrack can be surprisingly tricky
  • How to balance interval training with skills training
  • The Science of Getting Faster podcast
  • Should you do long rides on the weekends?
  • How to fuel during threshold intervals?
  • What to do if you’ve failed a ramp test
  • How much do you have to train to maintain fitness?
  • Does fitness actually come back quickly?
  • How to give and receive feedback as an athlete
  • How to improve your mental relationship with sport

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I need to hear this… for… personal reasons. :sweat_smile: :skull_and_crossbones:


Looking forward to this one especially because of the mental health aspect as I have bipolar. Training(especially a structured plan) and eating right are keys to dealing with mental health IMHO. For years my mental health issues made it very difficult to just make it to the starting line or a group ride. Luckily things are much better now


I took a week off in December thereafter I did unstructured group rides doing between 15-20 hours per week for 3 weeks on the road- mind you my structured training was between 6-8 hours weekly. Started with structured training this week and my FTP has plummeted 20W down… will be interesting to see how long it will take to get back to my previous ftp before December holidays.

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i have a very similar view on this.

After a bad crash a couple of years ago i really struggled with concussion for 18 months and truthfully probably still have lingering effects now (30 months). The best way for me to keep a positive mindset on life is to maintain structure and discipline with training - it probably goes hand in hand that being able to maintain structure in one part of life means that it’s being maintained across the board and keeping that balance.

As an amateur athlete i’m of the view that maintaining balance is key and could quite easily see how being too tied to training, particularly those numbers, could have adverse effects on people well being.


Another awesome episode TR crew, thank you!

Touchy tummy folks.


Loved the episode, but there was a lot of loud typing in the audio version that was really distracting. Somebody forgot to mute while typing vigorously.


When Chad was talking about training for Cape Epic early in the episode, he mentioned he did 3 weeks of sweet spot and that was the first time he had done that and “let alone 3 days of sweet spot in a row”.

I find that surprising and maybe odd… I dunno maybe my sarcasm meter is broken…?.?

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Unfortunately came here to say this as well. Your podcast audio quality is usually so stellar! I think that made the vigorous typing all the more distracting…

You could hear the passion in those keystrokes lol


RE: rethinking gel packaging. GU sells a reusable 5 gel capacity flask that you refill from one resealable mega-gel. Not enough options for refills, but its nice not tor create unnecessary waste indoors when gels are the thing I tolerate best


Really enjoyed the topic about de-training and time off and what it takes to hold some fitness. Also, Where is WA is Chad moving too? I am in the South East Seattle area?

When Chad was talking about the difference between self-talk in the first and second person (and third), i didn’t really catch which one is supposedly better. I’m guessing it was probably to obvious to everyone on the pod at the time that it wasn’t even clarified so can someone help me now? Cheers.

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Chad’s comments about Johnathan nursing from his gels sent pictures of home lander into my head on my run this morning.

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@chad the aging debating was super interesting. I think there is a confounding variable that will help explain a lot in the future, that chronological age and cellular age is not the same thing. David Sinclair is publishing some really interesting research in the aging space. Having an accurate measure on how ‘old’ a person is might drastically change expected performance. There is also potentially that the argument is less about genetics, but more the epigenetics, which is far more malleable and responds to environmental factors.


Hi All, love the show. I typically listen via podcast during workouts and drives. Since I’m listening and not watching I can’t tell who is doing it, but the audio of the pounding on the keyboard throughout this episode makes it easy to be distracted from the good content. Do you guys record everybody’s audio in separate tracks? if so, please adjust in post production and mute whoever is multitasking. Otherwise just remind people in pre-show meetings to mute themselves when not speaking.


Fantastic points, JohnWilliam. There were so many directions to take that discussion, and the chrono- vs cellular age is really applicable to us as athletes (so is the epigenetics angle). I read and thoroughly enjoyed Sinclair’s book on lifespan, and I try to keep up with any emerging research from him or his colleagues–great stuff! Please feel free to bring this to my attention when it crops up. Thanks for the feedback!


2nd person…it was’t too clear at the time

A little more…

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