Description for week doesn't align with scheduled workouts

I am on week 11 of SSBMVI. The notes are wildly different from the actual workouts. For example, it starts off by noting that:

Last week’s VO2max repeats started at high power then dropped while this week’s holds them steadily high. Added to that, these stay up high for 3 full minutes each.

Last week’s VO2 was Taylor -2 which is 3 sets of 14 30s intervals, all at constant power. Today’s VO2 workout was Sleeping Beauty +2 – again, interval sets at constant power and nowhere near 3 minutes each.

A bit later on the notes say:

Finally, your week is capped off with yet another twist on over-under intervals in the form of mildly varied under-segments and short but equally varied over-segments after which you’ll close the week with long Sweet Spot intervals mentioned earlier. As always, you have a long-slow alternative, this week in the form of Big Mountain or Mount Cook.

Yet the final workout for the week is Antelope -3 which is 5x10 minute SS intervals … not ‘mildly varied under-segments and short but equally varied over-segments’.

What is going on here? I do have AT enabled – is it just tinkering so much that the week’s notes drift from what I end up doing? Due to holidays I have missed a few weekends which is where the threshold / SS workouts tend to fall.

  • Your question and answer. Job done :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, the issue here is adapted plans. Those old notes were appropriate when we all used and performed exactly the same plans.

  • With AT, we are all performing different workouts from the old plan default. That is because we get adapted workouts in most cases, that differ from the original / template plan.

  • They removed the notes entirely at one point due to the fact they are not locked. They returned them at some point, and they aim to address this at some point in the future.

  • Until we get something new and different (that is either generic, or follows adaptations), we get to live with these variations.

Existing discussion with some TR info:

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