Deep section carbon wheels on a budget?

I’ve ordered a set of 90/90 and 50/50 each on DT350s and cx ray from Yishun. I got them from their office in Germany, but I think they sell via Aliexpress globally. The wheels are very well built and I can’t really see a huge difference in terms of quality, would definitely recommend. They offer a standard 24mo warranty and support was responsive. Both sets came in at around €1k.

1K total or for each wheelset?

Each set, sorry

That looks awesome - I have the stealth black version. Looking closer at your pic made me laugh - my Power2max PM arrived at the weekend… :joy: So my cranks would also look like that when I get around to putting them on… :+1:t2::grin:

Do they make a noticeable woosh, woosh sound? :thinking: :joy:

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I think any noise is heard by people in-front or behind - tend not to hear it on the bike :slightly_frowning_face:

Might just need to get a full disc :wink:

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OK all - so I have the quote for a set of shiny new (actually matt) carbon wheels - question is, Will I get any benefit?

Rim width 28mm outside edge and tyre 28-30mm tubeless as I like the comfy ride and have used them for a few years now. This seems to go against the 105% rule so is there any real world savings to be had? Bear in mind I don’t race, I like club rides and juts riding for fun or adventure.

So in my case would I see/notice any benefit apart from how much cooler my bike would look?

I’d be going for the light bicycle AR 46mm with aero spokes compared to the factory DT Swiss E1850 splines.

Genuine question…

Cheers for any help - maybe a new thread but perhaps not. :slight_smile:

Rule of 105 is real but it’s a 2ndary effect…and only really that at yaw angles in the 10% to 20% range. If you experience yaw primarily in the 0% to 10% range (which most of us do most of the time) then it’s not a big deal. Even at it’s worst you’re looking at 30g to 40g excess drag at world tour speeds…and more typically sub 20g. So that’s gonna be way less than the difference between a round-spoked alloy rim vs an aero-spoked 46mm deep carbon rim.


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Having had many brands I would agree with the camp to buy used, especially since you’ll find a ton of rim brake now that discs have come into play. I would also suggest buying a GOOD set as opposed to no brand. You do realize that integrity in the wheel is pretty important, and many just don’t offer either build quality or engineering quality. See a bit and but quality, or rent when racing to try a few brands. I’d not buy Zipp, Flo, or any no name. Reynolds make awesome wheels for the money but I’d still go DT Swiis, or Enve. You’ll be so damn glad you did.

I came across these Winspace Hyper 50’s a few months back, and they seem to receiving quite a bit of praise. Good contender IMO to displace some of Light’s market share.

Notable mentions;

  • Spokes are carbon bladed, but replaceable (Not bonded)
  • Ceramic bearings
  • From an aerodynamic perspective, these appear to come at a huge advantage (see videos below …)
  • 1400g give or take for $1,100…

Some great deep-dives available;

I’ll be receiving my set likely sometime December/January, and happy to begin providing a bit of feedback on their build quality and longevity then.


Just out of curiosity, why do you say to avoid buying Zipp. I’ve only ever heard good things and had no complaints the couple of times that I’ve ridden them.

My experience, as I have had a few sets over the years and acknowledged by a few others, they are not very stable and seem to push while hard cornering. In addition to the many recalls I would not go there. They pretty much are amazing at marketing, but the wheels just do not stand up to the hype. I also find it odd that many of their “innovations” such as dimples has not been duplicated by anyone else. Perhaps telling? As I said, marketing with not a ton of facts to back them up. Having just picked up a set of DT Swiss, I am truly amazed at how much better they are.

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Hmm interesting. I do tend to agree with the innovations like firecrest and the dimples and how no other manufacturer has seemed to pick them up. Though maybe that’s a cost of manufacturing vs benefit calculation and not just purely that there is no benefit.

Also, any aftermarket wheels will probably feel good compared to my stock DT DB470 wheels so it’s always interesting to hear experience from people that have ridden more and better wheels.


Hmm. Hambini is on nandralone? Wonder what the story is there. If I was going to pick a performance enhancing drug…it wouldn’t be nor-testosterone. That’s a hollywood drug.

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I will put in another vote for Farsports wheels. I got a set of their “classic” wheels last year (50mm, 25mm wide, DTSwiss 350, cxray) for around $600 shipped when they had a sale. They around $700 now.

I’ve got 5000 miles on them and they have been flawless.

Farsports and Light Bicycle wheels are very well reviewed on other forums and are a “name brand” Chinese wheels. Sure, there is risk buying direct from China but they are half the price of comparable wheels.

I’m just not comfortable with no-name, zero warranty, zero accountability aliexpress wheels.

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Can I ask a question please?

What’s the ride like on the AR46s compared to the stock wheels?


Have a couple of days to still get them with the black Friday discount and perhaps I’m trying to justify it to myself… :joy:

Not advocating for or against the dimple concept, but it was patent protected for quite awhile. My guess would be that had it not had a patent, you would have quickly seen others adopt it, regardless of efficacy.

Zipp usually does a pretty good job of protecting their product concepts / designs via patents.

@AJS914 where are you getting your farsports wheels from? aliexpress?. Thank you

Directly from Farsports’ web site. One can order off their Ali page, or order directly with one of their sales people but I found their web site the easiest.

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You will find the contact of Sandy on their website. She (?!) is super responsive. Also via Skype chat (found on the website as well). I’m super happy with my Farsports Feder 45mm hooked rims (got them 3-4month ago). I ordered them with their in house hub (I think it’s called D300).

Sandy and the team behind her (incl. wheel builders) were really helpful when I struggled to change my freehub from Shimano to XDR (ordered both with my initial purchase). We’ve sent videos and pictures back and forth via Skype chat. To me that was more helpful than many customer services of big western brands I’ve experienced with generic responses.

The only downside. They are quite busy as well. Since they build the wheels to your order (rim, spokes, nipples, hub) it takes 4-8 weeks to be build and then depending on the shipment you’ve chosen an other 1-2 weeks. Super secure packing though.

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I switched the wheels after only a short ride but I did loan them out to someone riding a stock Ultimate to test ride. They said that were fast, go where you point them but they are a little harsh on rough roads. While they did noticably change the riding charachteristics of the bike, they personally wanted more comfort.

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