Deals / Sales / Discounts for Cycling "Stuff" (2018-2022)

25% off site wide at

Just purchased a set of ENVE 7.8’s for less than $2k

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Is there a code for that? not seeing the promo when I go to BTD


I think it ended last night

Dt swiss XRC 1501 spline 30 mtb cross country wheels: 46% off.

I was an early adopter of the MP1 and got one when they first came out. Even then, I was able to score about a 25% discount based on a Black Friday sale that got it into a little bit more reasonable price range. Since then I’ve had it set up with a older road bike that’s dedicated to indoor trainer with a Tacx Neo. It has done everything I have needed it to do and it has lived up to my expectations. The biggest thing is the added comfort on long indoor rides.

I was able to get a Kickr Bike during the big blowout on Given that it was the beginning of the outdoor season I only finally set it up about a week ago. Unfortunately the Kickr Bike gave an “Error 17” when I turned it on and the fix is sending it back to Wahoo for a new one. I am now awaiting the replacement bike. With the sales going on, I decided to order a second MP1. I explored rocker plate options for the Kickr Bike but ultimately the MP1 seemed like a great option for it at the heavily discounted price. I have room for both my road bike on the Neo/MP1 and then the Kickr Bike on another MP1 beside it.

We’ll see how I like the Kickr Bike vs my road bike/Neo set up. I suspect for Z2 endurance rides in ERG I’m still going to use the Neo, but for more dynamic rides, such as those on Wahoo SYSTM/Sufferfest , Rouvy and RGT I’ll use the Kickr Bike.

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I am very intrigued by the Kickr bike so please come back and post your impressions when you get it. The ability to hop on and go and not have to swap bikes back and forth almost got me to pull the trigger.

For future discussion and reading existing experiences, please use the existing Kickr Bike topics:

Roval Alpinist SL Cockpit - $450


I’m sorry sir…this thread is for “deals” and such. :astonished:

Side note - another perfect example of why I hate integrated systems. Not a single spec option here would work for me. I need a 120 / 40 combo (and preferably a 38).


Sure it may not be the proper fit and you can’t adjust the bars at all, but you save a few grams. If fork tube isn’t at a standard angle how can a cockpit be set to a single position work? Seems like the lack of ability to tweak that is a downside. But that should probably be in a bike fit thread before I anger Chad :wink:

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Meh… short discussion about these sale items is totally expected and fine.

Diving into the minutia is best reserved for more dedicated topics.

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Forerunner 955 Solar is on sale. My finger is hovering over the “add to cart” button :grimacing:

I only see the regular 599 price…


Wonder if it’s a gold member thing? Does the sale appear if you add it to your cart maybe?

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does it shows if the regular 955 is on sale as well?

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No, but I saw that yesterday in the gold member deals. I compulsively check every day to see what’s there :rofl:

I have some rewards at REI, but they’re only showing the regular version at regular price. Wondering if the solar is worth the extra cost.

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Interesting, I see the 1040 Solar in my deals list for the day.

Garmin has a few deals. 1030 on sale and neo bike

That Garmin 1030 is cheaper on Big A

Dt swiss XRC 1200 49% off: