Black Friday deals likely on Smart Trainers?

Planning to buy a smart trainer this winter - I ordered the IQ2 power meter pedals, and while it looks like they might actually ship (the app is now available…) I’m not holding my breath and I’d like to ramp up my winter training.

Currently using the feedback sports omnium and virtual power options for TR and zwift. I’m thinking about a refurbished kickr snap, or maybe springing for an elite suito or tacx flux s. I have owned a lemond revolution and I really liked the feel and the direct drive, but didn’t like how noisy it was.

Are there likely to be black friday deals on the direct drive trainers in that lower price range? I can’t spring for the Kickr or the Neo. If the deals aren’t likely, it seems like the refurbished snap is the best deal to get into a smart trainer.

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Clever Training almost always has some good black friday days.

My LBS is selling their demo Neo for £600 or a full indoor set up for £900, table, screen etc

It might be worth calling a few of your local dealers to see if there shifting old stock.

Typically clever training does 20% off most trainers. Rei does 20% off as well by end of the year but not on black Friday specifically.

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Here are some current deals. This site keeps a pretty close watch on them, so it’s good to check there when buying.

Thanks all - much appreciated.


What do you all think about a suito for $640? You can get 20% off on them now through competitive cyclist. Comes out to just under $700 when you include the tax.

Personally I would wait for 20% off on the H3 for $800

Now that REI, clever training, etc, are doing their sales…

Fluid trainer with communication to TR (eg Kurt road machine w/ inride sensor) or wheel on smart trainer (eg saris m2, kickr snap, elite tuo)?

I have always enjoyed zwift and TR without any smart functionality - I just do cadence, speed, and HR. I am in the Kickstarter for the iq2 power meter.

Check out DC Rainmaker’s holiday sports tech sales page:

It looks like REI isn’t offering any Tacx products anymore.

Bought a kickr snap from clever training. Thanks for all the input!

CT is still offering those Tacx deals for now… Linked a few responses above.

(Note: The REI trainers disappearing pattern actually happens every time these sales happen. It’s great for the first day or so, and then poof…they disappear. Given this time all products disappeared, it means REI and Tacx/Garmin likely had some sort of discussion, versus just individual products ‘selling out’, which is what usually happens with Wahoo trainers during the sale.)