Deals / Sales / Discounts for Cycling "Stuff" (2018-2022)

Maybe the answer is just to post European deals here? I don’t think it’s too crowded a thread…


If anyone’s looking to go to 12 speed…Shimano Ultegra shifter/caliper sets are on sale. I almost pulled the trigger, but have no business upgrading right now just for an extra gear :rofl:

In search of good prices on Olympic bumper plates, bar and a hex bar. Time to upgrade the gym again. Help keep an old man ticking.

If you’re patient, deals pop up on the Rogue site often. You can search for their boneyard bars which have minor imperfections but are completely fine.

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Velocio is having a 30% off sale until September 6th.

The code’s just advertised on their website: summersale22


30% off their stuff means it is now only 40% too expensive! :crazy_face:

ETA - LOL, I just ordered a pair of their Foundation shorts. Less than$100!!

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Lol. I just sold some old bike stuff to fund new bike stuff. Shelled out money for the Concept bib which is much more than I normally spend (my favorite so far are Rapha core bibs I got for $90). We’ll see how they are!

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I almost pulled the trigger on the MP1, but it is $100 in shipping. I could sneak sub-$400 in, but almost $500 would have been pushing my luck.

when you see the size of the box, Im shocked its only $100!


Mikebikes used to be a specialized dealer, but no longer are, so continuing to clear out some specialized parts. They have the Rib II and Zee II cages on sale for $16.77 down from $25. Spend over $49 and shipping is free. They don’t have all the colors etc, but I got a pair of Rib cages and a single Zee without issue.

There’s many cages in the world, but I’ve been happy with these ones in plastic for a long time, and like how you can add on a cage mounted specialized multitool to them etc.

There’s other stuff in their sale too, so worth a good browse.



I have these plastic ones on my gravel and mtb but been needing a pair for a hard tail I recently built. Forgot I had some points racked up at Mikes so sprung for the carbon ones! Hope they’re as good as the plastic ones

Saris H3 Smart Trainer for $384 and free US shipping. Online with code CSDEALDD-40 . Link to product: H3 Direct Drive Smart Trainer – Saris

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The code also works for the MP1, but no free shipping. Add $100 for that.

Hmmm - so $550 for the MP1 shipped - any experience with that one? @mcneese.chad is the expert, mainly curious if its a good deal at that price as I’ve been considering rocker plates for a while

Thanks. Just grabbed one

It’s not my first pic at that price, if you have a Wahoo Kickr or Core. The InsideRide E-Flex, with the pending update to their front end, is $450 and a better motion system, IMO.

The MP1 is decent and plenty of people are happy with it. It is in line with other rockers of that style. But it’s not adjustable for lean force which i think is a mistake, generally speaking.

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That coupon code can also be applied to bike racks. The 4 bike SuperClamp EX just came back in stock.

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Speedsleev 50% off for Labor Day. The ranger seat pack is :+1: with no seatpost strap or zippers to rattle as you pedal. Velcro strap to saddle rails keep it high and tight.


Ive been super happy with mine. Got it with a dicount code several months ago for similar price. At $1200 that they were originally, I woulda had serious buyers remorse. At this large discount (arguably what it should have cost from the start), its really good. I used to have a hard 1 hour limit indoors when I was just using the trainer from crotch pain, now its more limited by boredom and time than anything else. Moving around really helped me a ton

People have made comments about the shipping price of $100, which is a lot, but the box is freakin massive and heavy. Totally reasonable price in my eyes…


Waiting the delivery from Korehealth. They currently offer great discounts. Found the info about the discounts at I bought the recovery kit with $40 discount. However, also read many negative feedbacks about the site. So now hope I’ll get everything in time. Fingers crossed.