DC Rainmaker Analyzer


I have been recording my rides indoors with Kickr Core/TR and Favero Assiomas/Edge 820.

Now decided to use DC Rainmakers Analyzer to see differences in the files. How ever for some reason the files don’t seem to line up.

Kickr/TR seems to be few second early. I would understand this if it would be only the power graph but since it is same with the HR graphs as well it is not good.

Both devices have been recording the same HR device so they should be and are identical. They are just offset by few second.

Does anyone know how I could edit these to get them line up corretly?

They don’t line up because (I think) the analyzer lines up the start of the files rather than the time stamps. I’m pretty sure this was a design decision to make it easier to compare files that are at different times or don’t have accurate time stamps (my guess).

Anyway, to correct this, go to the very bottom of the page where it lists the files and click the pencil icon on one of them. The dialogue box that opens has an input for offset. Use this to bring the files in line with one another. +5 will move that file 5 seconds to the right.



This is my understanding and experience as well.

According to the Analyzer documentation they use the time stamps to line up the files. However, if that doesn’t quite work you can manually shift the files around to make them line up. I did that when I was comparing a partial workout to a complete workout. You just select a file and type in the summer of seconds that you want to move it.

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I read that too somewhere at dc rainmaker site. However could not find the way to edit the offset.

Great. With this I could get the offsett of 1313 seconds fixed and the graphs are now on top of each other rather than next to each other. :slight_smile:

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