Dauphine 2022 (spoilers)

Wout made that look easy….jeez.

I only caught the last 15km and so no idea of what happened. Bit of a family battle over the TV. Cricket (me), then Netball (daughter) then I got control back but missed most of the cycling :man_shrugging:

Man, the peloton is closing this gap FAST. Was over a minute with about 12km to go…now down to 30" at 8km to go.

Setting up perfectly so far for Wout to repeat…

ETA - Well, maybe not…gap back out to 39" w/ 5km to go. Gonna be tight…

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The break just managed to hang on by ~100m…great finish and a well-earned win for Vuillermoz.

Sprinters’ teams have got to be kicking themselves…they had the break in sight w/ 8kkm to go and they let it get away form them.


I just heard that Vuillermoz is the first French leader of the Dauphiné since 2006.

Not the winner of the Dauphiné … just merely the leader

That almost seems impossible.

:rofl: :rofl:


Doing the Alaphilippe

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That was bad. Especially since I think primoz could have easily won from 1.5km to go. Might be an awkward dinner this evening.

To be fair, he probably would have lost even without the celebration. But not a good look regardless.

The slo-mo of the finish is so funny :smiley:


Ooof that’s gotta sting.

I like Wout but admit that I really got a kick out of him getting pipped like that :slight_smile:

For him - it one lost win out of many. For another rider that would have meant their only major stage race win of their career…

In the post race interview he mentioned having watched races where the premature celebration ending in 2nd place and laughing - and now it was his turn. “A rookie mistake” Well - made for an entertaining finish for sure!

I enjoyed that finish today and for a moment I thought the breakaway might have it. Benjamin Thomas seemed to be on the front every time I looked down and when he broke away at the end I had my :crossed_fingers:

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Interesting seeing Ganna pop like that. Understandable given the amount of Watts he put out yesterday.

Benoot did an absolute monster turn though, and what about Wout nearly getting put in the fence by his leadout man :sweat_smile::grimacing: