Danville VA recommendations?

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I will be in the Danville VA area on Saturday/Sunday this week while my son & wife are driving @ VIR. Are there standing group rides in the area, or fellow TR folks who would like to ride either/both days? I’d be game for 40-60 miles (road).

How did I know that VIR would be involved? Hahaha…

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Actually, my son is taking a kind of HPDE course with my wife. He’s 15 and the course is designed to give teens an actual defensive driving experience, in a safe controlled environment. One parent needs to take the course alongside the teen, so they can share/learn the same things which are carried through the teen’s permitting process until they turn 16. It’s a heck of a good program, and I’m very excited for both of them to take it.

  • Normal ‘driver’s ed’ can teach a kid to operate a car.
  • Driving with mom or dad in the car can teach a kid basic safe driving habits.
  • Putting a kid on the skidpad or forcing them to recover from two dropped wheels off the road can help your kid arrive alive whenever they take the car out.

BUT… since they’ll be at the track all day, I’m still looking for cycling suggestions in Danville :slight_smile:

Not from Danville but have been there lots, including to VIR many many times. I live about two hours north. Most folks in that area are not accustomed to seeing cyclists on the road, and I highly doubt there’s a cycling community of any significance. So be careful. There are some nice roads around Milton, NC (where VIR is) provided that you stay off of the main highways. If you want some really scenic rides best to drive 45 mins or so out to Primland in Stuart/Patrick County – some excellent climbs out there that you won’t find anywhere near Danville.

Oh yeah… I have done the Primland climb before. Although I don’t share anything on Strava, I have one of those little ‘trophies’ for the big climb from the gate to the lodge. Wheee!!!

That’s a good idea actually. I might drive there and just do that climb a few times. Thank you @LBowers – I had not thought to drive a bit west into that area. :+1:

Check cyclingva.com, and the weather. I think it’s going to rain most of the weekend.

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Yes, it is supposed to rain a bunch this weekend.

But if it doesn’t, here are some good Primland routes for your consideration, from 2019’s Big Ivy Fondo:

Primland Piccolo Route - 13 Miles

Primland Big Ivy Classic Route - 28 Miles

Primland Medio Route - 49 Miles

Primland Gran Fondo Route - 72 Miles

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