Cycplus (Finally) Launched Its 'L7' Cycling Radar

Cycplus finally launched the L7 cycling radar they showcased at Eurobike last year. It promises up to 36 hours of battery life (radar-only mode). In summary:

  • It comes with 2 mounts (one for the seatpost and one for the saddle).
  • It has a longer detecting distance than Varia RTL515 (140m vs. 160m).
  • It has a battery life indicator and USB-C.
  • Most other features are similar to or the same as other radars.
  • Lower brightness than most radars (up to 40 lumens).
  • Only IPX6 (not IPX7).
  • Priced $99 (which is half the price of Varia RTL515).

If it’s accurate and reliable, I believe it has the chance to take some market share. What do you guys think?

Complete article: Cycplus Launched Its 'L7' Radar with up to 36h Battery Life!

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Great to see Varia price competition.

For some crazy reason, you can sometimes find Varias on aliexpress or ebay for super cheap. I picked up mine for like $85 - new, no box, no charge cable. Fell off a truck in China? I have no reason to think it’s fake as it’s spot on and works perfectly.

Here (in the Czech Republic), the lowest price I’ve seen was around 3500 CZK, which is ~$152. So $85 is a super good deal (if the unit is legit). :+1:

But is it usb-c? Can’t forget the most important part.

(link says yes)

Yes, all radars except for Varia RTL515 have USB-C.

USB-C started appearing on bike computers and radars around 2022, and the RTL515 was shipping in 2020.

()not directed at you Petr) here is my usb-c rant… My 515 is 2 years old and battery is still like new, its used about 4 times a week for that entire time. Should I sell it just because of USB-C? What about all the micro-usb equipment and cables we have lying around? Everything still works great, but usb-c #rulz and #DisposableSociety (WALL-E anyone?!) so I’m going to send everything to electronic waste facility and buy all USB-C stuff.


Really tempted to take a chance on this. $99, free shipping. Already 5% off at checkout.

I’d like to know if the light pattern changes when a vehicle is approaching. I think the Trek was noted as not having that feature, and I do think it offers some value.

Still, increased battery life is a big nice to have. Not that my original Varia is too much shorter than original, but I just like to be lazy, leave it on my bike and only charge it every handful of rides if possible :slight_smile:

It does say it flashes when a vehicle approaches. CYCPLUS L7 Radar Tail Light

I’m definitely interested in this. I’m going to wait for some further reviews, but appreciate having it on my radar (pun intended?).

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Yes also interested/waiting on some reviews. My 840 showed up today and one reason for finally upgrading was to pick up a radar since more of my riding will be on the road now. With the trek option being a bust it seems don’t want to jump on this too fast. Website seems promising but needs to see reviews.

Longer detection range… where have I heard that lately?

I’ll try order one today.

My expectations are low. Extremely low.


ok… ordered… and surprise that link above is an affiliate link for cyclistshub. A few $ off… nice. But… anyway.

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@GPLama Seems like you just can’t escape radar testing right now… :smiley:

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At least they’ll know what level of testing they’ll be subjected to.

My interactions with that company have been sketchy. Five T2 trainers sent to me… various issues with them all. Then they begged for my review to be taken down. They release the T3 to address all the issues raised… then refuse to send one over. At this point I’m just amused with how they operate.

I’m honestly expecting an email from them saying they can’t ship to AU or similar. That’ll be an easy way for them to control the early reviews.


Looking at the manual, for the car warning flash, it says it works when in radar mode but not in blinking mode. Not sure if they mean the radar has to be on and not just flash mode?

I feel sorry for Steven who has his account listed as the support contact. I hope it’s a group email.

Never once have I wished that my Varia detected vehicles from farther away.

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If it works and you don’t want to upgrade, then stick with it, of course. I know many people who would upgrade just because of the USB-C. I am not one of them, but switching between micro USB and USB-C is pretty frustrating sometimes. :sweat_smile:

Waiting for reviews is wise, especially with such a crucial safety device as a bicycle radar. It shouldn’t take long. :slight_smile:

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