Cycplus (Finally) Launched Its 'L7' Cycling Radar

I guess hpsims copied the link from my website.

@hpsims, can you please edit it by removing the ref part? :blush:

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I think that one of the reasons why they released the radar basically three quarters of a year later is because of the development and testing. It was originally supposed to be on the market “soon” after Eurobike. That’s why I added the word “finally” to the headline. But we’ll see. My expectations are high. There should be no room for error after that long.

I saw your review of the T2. It was bizarre. :rofl:

If, by any chance, they refuse to send you the radar, I’ll personally bring you one to Frankfurt for Eurobike 2024. :sweat_smile:


Tell that to engineers from Trek. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Honestly, neither did I, but I understand why they did it. First of all, it looks better on paper. Secondly, they can claim you have more time to react.
For me personally, the most important thing in radar is still reliability and accuracy (in other words, the number of false positives).

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They saw him coming.

I honestly can’t make this up……

No notes attached. Just a straight up refund a few hours after ordering one.


Do they know it’s you?

It does say “to shane miller”.

But also:

Maybe we’re just slow?

Waiting for reviews is wise, especially with such a crucial safety device as a bicycle radar. It shouldn’t take long.

I sort of don’t understand this. Of all of the things on a bike that people buy from cheaper Chinese brands, like WHEELS, or HANDLEBARS, or A SEATPOST!? - I’m not sure a car detection radar is a crucial safety device, because you have redundancy for the role it plays in not being blind or deaf (although it may provide more of a crucial role if you are deaf or have limited sight).

This is very much in the “nice to have” category.


Can I do a USB-C sub rant? Devices going USB-C and then not supporting fast charging! So just swapping one issue of different cables, to an issue of different ports to use!


Bizarre how it’s sold out so quickly. Did anyone actually get any confirmation and not a refund? Didn’t order myself.

Out of interest and related - what was the general view of the Bryton Gardia R300 radar light? I watched Shane’s updated video, but the question I literally wanted the answer to “Is this item worth saving £50 and gaining USB C over the RTL515” - is the bombshell he finishes on with “Well it’s up to you”.

My experience with it was okay—no false negatives, but I got more false positives than on Varia. It has decent battery life (over 11 hours in flashing mode) but is nowhere near the claimed one (17 hours in flash mode). It has a much better mount than Varia and a USB-C port. So, I think it offers a pretty good value.