Garmin Varia RCT715 Radar +Camera: Improvements since launch?

I’ve been a user of a rear Garmin Varia light and radar for a long time and wouldn’t ride without it. However I do not have the model with the camera.

When the RCT715 launched @dcrainmaker did not favorably review the camera and the app.

I’m wondering if Garmin made any improvements since then? And whether it is worth considering now?

I’m looking at replacing my current non-camera model because the battery life is starting to shorten.

Scroll down to the comments section of the article you posted, near the bottom someone says they have installed all updates but haven’t seen any improvement in picture quality, but that it’s good enough to read licence plates.

Updates: They’ve added an option to display car approaching speed as an overlay to the video it captures back in May 2023. Video about that here.

They’ve also updated Edge units to show when the camera is recording. This is handy. It was a feature requested in initial reviews.

The Varia app remains a problem. I can’t download/preview ANY footage from the RCT715 using it. A problem I had with it before launch they couldn’t resolve… or resolve in near two years since launch. This follows the same playbook as a lot of their other products: Release, minor fixes, forget about it.

The lens on the RCT715 I have is all pitted now too from using it on the gravel bike. Not ideal.

tldr; It’s not great but as the only product out there in this category (radar + light + camera), it’s the best option.

Edit: And for additional mounts there are MUCH cheaper options over on Amazon by TUSITA.


Thanks. That’s great info @GPLama

I had the slightly older RTL510, so opted to just get the RTL515 now to replace it and keep the RLT510 as a back up.

Not sure if you saw it, but the last post in the Deals thread has a great price on it

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