Cyclocross Race Day Tool/Part Box

Hi All - I’m working on putting together a small tool kit/parts kit for cyclocross race days. I’m thinking like a fishing tackle box size type of thing with basic stuff to potentially repair minor issues given my limited mechanical skills. Things like snapping a chain during warmup, swapping out a derailleur hanger when I inevitably crash during pre-ride, minor brake rotor adjustment if rubbing, etc. FWIW, I’ve got a specialized crux with SRAM force AXS drivetrain/brakes. Here’s what I’ve got so far and I’d love to hear what I’ve forgotten or what you all have found useful.


  • Good multi-tool
  • Pliers
  • Valve core remover, sealant syringe
  • Grease/lube
  • Rags
  • Zip ties
  • Electrical tape (or some other multi-use tape)


  • Coin battery and quarter for brake battery changes
  • SRAM battery charger or spare battery
  • Boa string
  • Tires and sealant (in case the course or weather is unexpectedly different)
  • Extra tubeless valve (or 2)
  • Spare chain and master link
  • Derailleur hanger (or 2)
  • Cleats and studs

Thanks all!

I’d bring a real set of Allen keys instead of the multi if your bringing a tool box in your car. I do the same but for every ride I do that’s not leaving from my house.


I guess the only thought I’d have being an eTap user is to bring a spare battery and not a charger. If it’s 10min before race time and your derailleur isn’t working, you won’t have time or an outlet to charge from.

Agree with real Allen keys too

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And co2, if you need to set a tyre. Also tyre levers. Or are you on tubs? Then tub tape for quick fixes?

Does grease include rt85? Quicker to give things a spray if they’re stuck

Brake pads.

Oh, and safety pins, and spare bar end plugs.

Apart from the real allen keys, a torx one for disc rotors. If you intent to true a rotor, an adjustable spanner (or the proper park tool).

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Scissors and a hole punch for “adjusting” race bibs/number plates.


That is a lot more than I typically bring.
Allen Keys
Chain Whip
Lock ring tool
18-20 cogs
chain lube

If it is going to be a wet day I just bring an extra pair of cheap mtb shoes.

Half that crap just rolls around in my truck from the start to MTB race season until I am done with 'Cross season.

Kit for a quick brake bleed.

Thanks all! These are all great. I appreciate the insights.

Some pliers have cutters built-in, but I’d also add have a pair of knippers with me. These are super helpful when cutting cable ties (e. g. for your race numbers) as well as various other things.