Cyclocross bar width

How wide are people’s CX bars, compared to your road bars? Is wider better? More control?

Same width.

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The same.

Exactly the same. Not just the same width. Same bars. Same bike too :slight_smile:

Wider bars wouldn’t help me. An O2 mask might. Or a bit of skill…


Same width. I tried wider bars but didn’t like the feel.

I’m the minority report then, I run 44s on my cross bike and 42s on my road bike. I used to run 46s on the cross bike, but I stepped down a touch so my road bars wouldn’t feel so narrow switching back and forth. Same bar bend though, Fizik R3.

Same bar make, depth, reach but 2cm wider as I run a shorter stem than on the road bike.
My CX fit is a tiny bit shorter road in reach (and a little higher at front end).
For me the stem length and bar width help control whilst working together to keep a natural steering arc.

Find use loads more steering input on CX than any other type of riding. If have a very wide bar it’s like steering a boat and forces weight forward on tightest turns. Not ideal if that tight turn is top of a drop off downhill.

Mine are the same. I know some people like wider on their cross bikes–someone mentioned it lines up better with their mountain bike hand position–but I’ve been fine with the way the bike came so I’ve left it alone.