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Unless u know how to use sutures and a nasal Trumpet they are useless. Most wounds sustained in the field should not be sutured closed in the field without extensive rinsing with a antiseptic of some type. Even then often times if a wound is grossly contaminated we do not suture them closed. It looks cool in Hollywood a skin suture and magically all bleeding stops. I can tell you that is not how it works at all. If bleeding is an issue in the field lots of direct pressure is best. If it’s a limb bleed and life is at risk from bleeding a tourniquet is an option knowing that I may cause irreversible harm to the limb but may save a life.

I would highly recommend ads advanced wilderness life support class or the book is also fantastic if you have a medical background. Even without bet it would be helpful for lots of people.

Cheers Jim

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I would also add that the powder Jonathan spoke of for stopping bleeding will not stop arterial bleeding. Application of pressure is the only this aside from advanced medical care that will stop arterial bleeding.

It’s just unbelievable…and the podcast a couple of weeks ago showed a study on epo that failed to show improvement in a hillclimb vs. placebo…up mt ventoux! So it makes you really wonder how much the peds were actually doing.


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