Cycling Shorts for Bigger Riders

Hopefully someone can help point me in the right direction. I know that comfort is important to help someone enjoy/stick to cycling.

Has anyone found a company that produces quality cycling shorts for larger riders?

Any help with this would be great as I know at least two people this would benefit.

Are you looking for baggy type shorts? If so, I can’t recommend the zoic either shorts enough. They make them for larger riders and have different lengths. I find their fit to be great and I’ve used them as a 280 lb rider and now as a 200lb rider, different sizes obviously. But very durable.

Have a look at British company Fat Lat at the Back ( - they do larger sizes for men and women.

If you’re looking for shorts for a taller rider then I love the pactimo stuff. Can’t comment on the sizing for wider riders but at 6’5 and 190lbs a L long fits perfectly and they go to XXL so could be worth a look.

Hate to bother you…but any chance you could tell me how wide the chamois is? I’m also 6’5" and ride a Specialized Romin 168mm saddle. Lots of bibs I’ve seen appear to have narrow chamois to make it even more difficult for a tall guy to find some good ones!!

Aero Tech Designs ( - They have a BIG/TALL line of Jersey’s and Bibs. I am an average build, tried their gel touring shorts and they are Nice!!!

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minus 3+ inches and plus 20lbs, I’ve got 3 different Pactimo bibs all in XL

  • Summit Stratos 12-hour and love them
  • Alpine Thermal bib tights for winter and love them
  • Storm+ Thermal bib tights for wet winter and would have preferred another pair of Alpine because a) its NorCal and not wet/damp Pacific Northwest, b) in 40-55F temps I sweat in them, c) chamois is not as nice as 12-hour or Alpine, d) no mesh pockets for food (vs Alpine), and e) with the sweating I find the chamois turns into a diaper at 40-55F temps.

After 5 rides in the Storm+, I’d rather go out in summer weight 12-hour bibs and use leg warmers in our typical winter day temps of 40-55F. The Storm+ is definitely a 25-40F pair of bibs, for me.

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Thanks to everyone for the ideas. Hopefully this thread will be of value to others as well in the future.

hey @bbarrera ! what’s your chest and waist size?
I’m curious about these being a good option for me.

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