Cycling glasses for nearsighted

100% agree with this

I’ve a pair of Oakley prescription glasses, with light adjusting lenses I can use them for cycling day and night. Far better solution than inserts imo

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Tbh I just wear my eyeglasses with transitional lenses. They’re the wayfarer type of frame so I look like the cool kid as well.

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Oakley doesn’t seem to offer any of their sunglasses with prescription transition lenses anymore, just regular glasses. You CAN still get them from Sport Rx, though.

I’ve done the insert thing before, I thought that it would be useful to have multiple lenses, but i really found myself only using one all of the time, and just wearing regular glasses when I didn’t want the sunglasses. Eventually I did end up with two pairs of Oakley Flakjackets, one with transisiton lenses and one with Red Prizm Road.

Recently, wanting something with more coverage, I picked up a pair of Oakley Plazmas with Green Prizm Road, and thinking about a pair of Oakley Trajectorys with transition lenses.

Plazma Clear to Black Iridium Photochromic Lenses, Matte Carbon Frame Sunglasses | Oakley® GB


What do you think of Oakley Plasmas? I am thinking of getting one in the future with Prizm Road.

So far I’ve liked them. Definitely have better coverage than the Flakjacket, and I don’t seem to see the rim as much. There is definitely a throwback vibe to the 90s/early 00s.

I had been thinking about getting the Grey Ink frames, but OakleySI didn’t have that color, and I couldn’t justify the added cost so got the black Carbon frame instead.

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In my experience, cycling glasses are well worth it. When my old glasses broke and I got new ones, I quickly figured out that these were not suitable for cycling. They were not held on securely enough, there was a big gap on the side that let a draft in and I got cycling glasses. A great investment.

My cycling glasses (Adidas) have yet to fog up, and I put in photochromic lenses, which darken when it is bright out.

Regarding looks, cycling glasses are tools and safety equipment. Their shape is in large part dictated by their function: you want a wide field of view, your eyes should be covered from a draft and the glasses light and robust. That dictates that the glasses be big, close to your face and be made of plastic rather than e. g. titanium.

What kind of safety glasses do you have at the moment? From the sound of it, you are repurposing glasses that were meant for another application. E. g. the safety glasses I have to wear in the cleanroom (on top of my regular glasses) also fog up, but they were made for a completely different application.

Nope, inserts are a bad solution: the area that is covered by the inserts is very small, and you really need peripheral vision when cycling (e. g. when you are looking over your shoulder to check whether a car is approaching). You should instead get proper prescription lenses. I have had very good experiences with photochromic lenses that adapt to the lighting: if it is dark, they are essentially transparent. If it is bright, they are sun glasses.


I have rudy project Rx with red transition lenses. Because of my wacky prescription they cost almost $800. I’ve never regretted it. Would pay more if i had to. Transition lenses work very well. I’ve used for road and mtb. The transitions negate the need for multiple different lenses. One of my all time best kit purchases.


The lenses in my cycling glasses were the most expensive I have ever bought. The combo cost a similar amount to yours with the lenses being the majority of it. The frame cost, I think, $200–$250.

I just wear my glasses. If it’s bright I’ll use prescription sunglasses. No issues.

I use Oakley from an internet shop. £100, frame and lenses.

Which shop? That included lenses?


I’ve only used them once so don’t really have huge faith, but they were okay for me

One concern with regular glasses is they aren’t rated for projectiles and aren’t safe for crashes. The field of view can be limiting especially in more aero.


It has one of those adapters into which my rx lenses fit. Was about $84 at today’s rate with the prescription bifocals

After tried the first pair of the RX insert glasses from Luke, I know that it does not work the moment I put it on my face. The RX insert was touching my eyes.
Ordered another pair from SportRX. Got a Rudy project due to my head size. I like it a lot so far; At hand, it feels very high quality and aerodynamic. It stays on my face and does not slip. The tint color is perfect, which helps me see object better. I can clearly see the environment from any angle. It is an expensive purchase, but I think it is worth it.


I had a pair of Plazmas and couldn’t get on with them, found they started to fog on the nose side as the lenses sit so close to the face, aren’t vented, or got any anti fog treatment on them. Ended up sending them back for a refund.

Best pair I had was the Bolle Shifters with embedded varifocals unfortunately damaged in a crash, using a standard pair of shifters now for cycling. Very clear, vented and have a coating that stops fogging.

The Trajectory look interesting, my normal day to day pair of glasses and Bolle Score slip down and leave a large gap at the top I wonder if those do ? I see they come with different size nose pads they look just the ticket.


I’ve been using these for a couple months now including one fat bike race.

Here’s a view with my low light lenses:

The summer XC series is quickly coming up and I’ll be putting them through the ringer.

Edit: for fit, they do rest against my eyebrows a little and push the frames away from my face ever so slightly and the nose piece is less flexible. But neither of those are noticeable after wearing them for a couple minutes.

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I tried those with my Bolle Shifters but they touched my eyelashes unfortunately.