Cycleops H2 Power Cord Concerns/Future Warranty

I’ve taken my first few rides on my new H2 and already see a potential issue. Seems like the power cord input was an afterthought. It’s literally just sticking straight out of the side. My bike is somewhat in the middle of our workout room, so it’s not possible to conceal it. I’ve been trying to unplug it after each session, but I’m afraid one of these days myself/kids/dog will wreck this thing.

Not super worried about the actual power supply cable and connector, more about damaging the female end in the H2. The replacement is $30 online, and worst case I’m sure I could get a knockoff. I have a 3D printer and can hack basic stuff together in CAD, so I may try to print a protector of sorts. Let me know if you’d be interested in this, I could send the file or even mail out the part if there was enough interest.

This worried me more a bit more when trying to access the web page for the H2 support the other day, it was missing! Looking now, the new H3 is out with Saris branding. Still a little strange, I don’t know the deal with Cycleops/Saris. Should I be worried that the H2 won’t be supported?

Edit: stumbled upon DC Rainmaker’s review of the H3 - looks like they now include a 90 degree adapter for the power cord. Guess I could pick one of these up on Amazon/eBay and worry less about it?

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  1. It looks like you have a seam in your workout mat right behind the trainer. Any chance you can slip it through and under that and have just a few inches sticking out, with the rest covered?

  2. I use throw rugs on the floor over the traffic areas that cross cords.

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You might also be able to get a 90 degree connector/extension that would have this stick out less. Looks like this should have come with a 90 degree connector to begin with.
Something like the below link - not sure what size you need.

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Yeah I could try hiding the cord. Even though this is a “permanent” setup, I would like the option to easily move it, including the cord. I’ll try a rug or yoga mat or something.

Thanks. Yeah, I found a similar one on eBay. I sent a message to Saris support in the off chance they’d send one for free. I’m still going to attempt to 3D print a cover.

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In case anyone is interested, they now have that power cord elbow available. A bit pricey, but at least it will work. I tried ordering a couple of cheap ones (less than $3) on eBay/Amazon and they didn’t fit.

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I can validate that it is easy to snap it off. I now unplug the replacement power supply after each ride.

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My cable of my H2 just snapped at the connection part… I need to find a replacement but that is very challenging in Europe.

Does anyone have any tips about dealers in Europe? Preferably near the Netherlands.

Found this page having kicked my power lead connector and snapped it.

I found two solutions.

  1. If you haven’t broken it yet, buy a 90 degree/right angle adaptor from ebay. Plug your original cable into that and you are more robust - less sticking out and if you do some how manage to break it, it’ll be cheap and easy to replace.

  2. If you have already snapped your cable - don’t spend out on another power pack. Either DIY or find someone else to do it for you. Just strip the end off the cable and buy a replacement DC male plug and solder it up. Look on youtube for a guide. Obviously check the polarity, make sure you are not shorting anything out etc etc. Take it to an electrical repair shop if you don’t know what you are doing. My Hammer is H1 and it needs a 5.5 x 2.5 mm DC Male plug (barrel jack).

Neither of these options will cost you more than £5 or Euros.

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