Cycle Club Promotion

Wanted to ask for some thoughts and ideas on how you (or your club) promote your local cycle clubs?
Do you hold any events etc? What has worked best for you/your club?
Thanks in advance!

It depends on what your goals are as a club. I’m the current president of our university cycling team here, and the topic of promoting our team raises two different questions: do you want money/sponsor support, or do you want more people to join?

As far as getting more cyclists to join our team, we set up tables at big events locally and on campus, to make sure everyone is aware of the team. We also keep a more low-key social media presence to get other riders excited about what we’re doing.

In order to raise money, we put on two yearly events: a road race with a criterium, road race, and team time trial, as well as a mountain bike race weekend with downhill, dual slalom, XC, and short track XC. This brings in revenue for our team while gaining exposure. We can use photos and results from races we go to and leverage our presence to then convince local businesses to sponsor our team as well.

Thanks @larry… The biggest priority for us is to try and find ways to engage with new people and get them to join our club.