CX - Training Between Races

Hi folks, asking for a friend, “honestly” !!
I have a friend who is racing CX, and a Trainerroad user.
He has recently completed Base, Build and Speciality CX, and is now into his summer CX season.
His rides in a summer series, where the races are every 2 weeks.
We would like recommendations as to training plans going forward.
We have looked at Training Plans, Build your own etc., but they all go back to a Base, Build Speciality series, and don’t fit into a 2 week schedule.
He feels that now the racing has started, that he should be focusing on Speciality, Climbing, Attacking etc., in between races.
However we are not sure how to put such plans together, or in fact if this is recommended.
Appreciate any recommendations on direction here ??
Regards, Eddie