CX Opener before Race


I’ve got a CX race on Sunday. I’ve have done zero specific training for it this year, I’ve been focusing on endurance rides this year, and very little training since July after changing focus to running for a bit (7 mins off my PB for the 10km!). But its 15 minutes away, my son is racing before me (so not much warm up time as I’ll be in the pits) and I just love CX. :laughing:

I’ve just start SSB1 LV for next year’s main event (so on Week 1) and wondered if I should swap out Baxter scheduled on the Saturday for the race, or just do it in addition? Or switch to some sort of “opener” for the race instead. If so, which one would be recommended ?


Since this isn’t a high priority event for you, I think leaving Baxter on Saturday and doing your CX race on Sunday is the way to go. If you feel you need to do an opener workout the day before, you can totally do so but in my opinion, staying on track with your training plan and just getting some fun racing experience is the best approach. :slight_smile:


Thanks. That looks to be the way to go – I will add in Basin -5 on @Jonathan’s recommendation here . The forum threw up that page when I posted it – the forum is proving a great resource

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