Cut helmet straps?

Sorry if this has been covered, but I couldn’t find it in search. I just bought a new helmet that fits great, but there is a lot of excess helmet strap. Do people cut the excess? How much ‘adjustment’ strap do you leave? Do you refold & sew the ends or singe the ends? Don’t want to screw things up on a nice new helmet.


I use a Giro Aether and cut the excess straps after making sure it was not too tight. I prefer to have a pretty secure fit (no flapping straps). For the stitching, I ended up just burning the sides. no issues after 4 years using it. Bear in mind, you wont be able to resell your helmet (some people do, just a note).

Just make sure you don’t cut it too short.


Singe or super glue would work, too.

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Cut and burn is what I would do.


I usually cut and then put heat shrink wrap over the excess as a big strap loop.

Melt the end with a flame. Maybe put a tip on it Metal webbing tip 15 - 50 mm, Black Nickel | Pet Hardware®


oh wow, that is brilliant, now I just need to check if the shrink wrap will be able to withstand lots of sweat. most things don’t do too well when mixed with salt and water. thank you for the tip

Not shrink wrap, it’ll never feel right on your chin. The heat shrink tube you can find on Amazon. It’s the same stuff that covers the length of an Ethernet or phone charger cable.

When picking how long you are going to leave the tail end, be sure to allow for some adjustment to wear a hat underneath, if you live in a climate that the winters need that…

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