Cut helmet straps?

Sorry if this has been covered, but I couldn’t find it in search. I just bought a new helmet that fits great, but there is a lot of excess helmet strap. Do people cut the excess? How much ‘adjustment’ strap do you leave? Do you refold & sew the ends or singe the ends? Don’t want to screw things up on a nice new helmet.


I use a Giro Aether and cut the excess straps after making sure it was not too tight. I prefer to have a pretty secure fit (no flapping straps). For the stitching, I ended up just burning the sides. no issues after 4 years using it. Bear in mind, you wont be able to resell your helmet (some people do, just a note).

Just make sure you don’t cut it too short.


Singe or super glue would work, too.

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Cut and burn is what I would do.

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I usually cut and then put heat shrink wrap over the excess as a big strap loop.

Melt the end with a flame. Maybe put a tip on it Metal webbing tip 15 - 50 mm, Black Nickel | Pet Hardware®

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