Current active plan is shown incorrectly on the Career page

For some reason, the website is indicating my current plan incorrectly.

My plan for the season 2020 has already ended, and the calendar didn’t have any workouts left at the time period when I started my current, active plan for season 2021. I created the plan for 2021 using the plan builder (as was the case for the 2020 plan, too), and the calendar states it has started Aug 31st, which is correct in my case. But, the career page is saying that my current plan would be the one for the season 2020, which would be ending Oct 4th 2020 as shown in the screenshot.

I wonder if this has something to do with the fact that as many of the originally planned races got cancelled this year (I had an A race coming at the end of this September, which eventually got cancelled, and I changed the nations from a B race to be an A race for me) and I deleted them from my calendar having an active plan, that the plan itself was adjusted correctly for the remaining races, but the end date of the plan (which is shown in career page now) would not be adjusted accordingly, if the plan eventually ended earlier than it was originally expected?

Has anyone else noticed something similar?

I will create a support ticket for this, let’s see if this really is a bug, or have I messed up the plan builder back then when making the necessary changes.

Is this the same issue as discussed in Please do not enforce plan builder?


Ah, something similar, yes. Just hadn’t seen that post yet, as the title of that thread wasn’t describing my case.

The support team has created a bug ticket about this issue, hopefully it will be fixed in a timely manner.

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