CTS Live - Peloton Type Offering

Interesting that CTS now has a Peloton type offering:

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Big Troy Jacobsen vibes… :joy: :joy:


You are doing BaseCamp, right? CTS Live sounds a lot like BaseCamp’s group workouts on Zwift (I haven’t done one yet).

Yes - I’m doing BaseCamp, and I’m doing the Tue / Th coached Zwift rides. I guess the live video aspect to me feels more Peloton-esque than BaseCamp. Additionally, I’m assuming a lack of structured plan like BaseCamp, as that isn’t mentioned.

I dont know what gameified workouts are, but basecamp is legit training.

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That’s rather fascinating, actually.

Yes, I thought so as well, which is why I posted it

By gamified they seem to mostly mean showing you lots of graphics with color coding to encourage you to compete the workout on target. There’s probably also “rewards” (trophies, etc) for completing intervals / workouts, completing challenges, etc. Probably also virtual high fives.

That really motivates some people and is part of the way modern games engage people. Hence gamification.

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Even TR is gamified compared to the old “tape it to your top tube” way of training. In the simplest terms, “follow the blue line as closely as possible”. Going deeper, “complete this workout and get a bump up in your PL, say it was easy and get an even bigger bump”. Etc.

Yes, but to a pretty mild extent currently. Is basically just a visual indicator of actual vs target power. I wouldn’t say the feedback is gamified, it’s just using emojis. Certainly PLs fall into the gamified realm.

TR do seem to be moving more in the gamified direction though. It’s not a bad thing if done in a way that encourages good training. But it could inadvertently lead to people making bad decisions.

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