CTL for Multisport - Does it really matter?

Hi All,
During this year I did two peak cycles, first with a Full IM Mid Volume(Base>Build>Spec) and Half IM Mid Volume(Base>Build>Spec) to which I followed all bike and 90% of run WKOs as indicated by TR and did my swims with a local masters team and ended training between 9 to 15 hours/week throughout the cycles.

When i look at my performance chart i can see my fitness ramping up for the first cycle peaking at 121 after going down a bit before i would bring it back up to ~130 for the second peak.

After the second race i took a week off and started on running specific training plan for a total of ~5-7hours of running per week.

I went check my TP account today and, to my surprise, I saw that my CTL is at 147 which sounds like too much(way too much) specially considering amount of work i would need to do to reach this level only by cycling - it actually sounds like impossible(at least to me).

I let TP update my threshold zones automatically so the values should be right per TP’s calculation.

For triathletes one could say that it doesn’t matter the value because the CTL for a triathlon would be the average between swim bike and run but it doesn’t sound right that the numbers are so different.

Coach Chad already said a few times that not all TSS is created the same but I’m surprised to see such gap between disciplines. Would you consider that as a flaw, for triathletes specially?

The impression i have is that we keep looking for a number that actually doesn’t mean anything.

Any thoughts on that?



Not all TSS is created equal within cycling let alone across sports. To add and compare them across swimming, cycling and running is IMO pointless.

It can be vaguely interesting but as far as I can see completely useless. Individually they may have some merit but not combined.

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I do my own CTL/ATL/TSS calculations on the spreadsheet instead of paying TP to get those numbers.
Last season and this year, i have changed my ATPs for cross the all 3 discipline (swim/bike/run). So i have different CTL and ATL each sport. This way i can manage my peaks and recoveries better.

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