Crossfits best goes sub 9 @Leadville

Say what you will. Rich is a beast.


I don’t know much about the race in terms of what’s a good time. I enjoy his stuff tho and like the CrossFit documentaries. What time do the winners come in?

Yeah, I saw his recap video last year, super impressive for a guy carrying that much mass. Dude has a huge engine under all that muscle. Here’s another video that goes into more detail.


Keegan won last year shattering the course record in ~5:45. For an amateurs, getting under 9 hours is a big accomplishment. Having a cross-fit guy with limited cycling background go ~8:30 surprised me, just shows how good of an athlete he is. Dude came in 50th out of 278 in his age group, just crazy for a non-cyclist.


None of this should be surprising. Rich was the first person to win the CrossFit Games title of “Fittest Man on Earth” four times. He is ridiculously talented and dedicated. As a former CrossFitter for a decade, ya’ll are clearly underestimating their fitness. While CrossFitters are fitness “generalist”, it would take a short amount of time to redirect that to be a specialist/cyclist. The biggest thing holding him back would be his weight/muscle.


Agreed. And none of this is to take away anything from his accomplishment, it’s a stellar time for a guy that big. But it’s not super surprising. He’s clearly got the whole package: great genetics, an endurance background (Crossfit is endurance let’s not kid ourselves), and an insane work ethic to be the best. It would be like, Olympic gold rower does well at cycling event. Well yea, that makes sense. Now if The Rock went sub-9, I’d be properly surprised.

With that said, good for him. Cool to see athletes outside cycling do well at these events.

Rich Froning was untouchable in crossfit. Literally would go at the pace of 2nd place and then apply himself towards the end of the set. I bet in any sport non ball related he would be able to complete at a super high level.


Thank you! I’d been waiting on this since that recap video, but I gave up hope that it was coming out. I’m excited to watch it!

It was good and Rich has some OG CrossFitter’s in his pit crew. It was a nice throwback for me when I was deep into CrossFit 15 years ago. He could easily go sub 8:00 with better nutrition and his experience from his first go at it.


Just goes to show that genetics matter more than we’d like to admit. This guy would probably blow everyone out of the water in any endurance/strength sport he participates in.

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Kind of reminds me of this guy I was in high school with. Was the top WR in the state on a team that won the state title. Was an all-state SG on the basketball team which won three state titles in a row. His main sport though was baseball and he ended up playing for the Giants for a few years. Our senior year he decided to go out for track half way through the season (despite not doing track the previous 3 years) and ended up getting 2nd in the state in long jump. I also played golf with him once and he was a scratch player and able to shoot par. On top of all that back when we were in grade school and middle school he used to smoke everyone in cross country (1-2 mile long races).

Some guys just have it and can nail any sport they put their mind to


Yeah, he’s already proven he’s world class in cross fit where you need both strength and endurance. It would be interesting to see a guy like this focus on cycling (or any pure aerobic endurance sport) for a couple years to see if he could mix it up with the pros. Based on his leadville finish time and weight, his sea level FTP is likely in the ~350 range. It’s just hard to predict how much he could increase that if he focused on cycling. And he’d have to drop a good bit of weight along with a power increase to get competitive. I wouldn’t bet against him if he wanted to try, but I doubt he’d be interested in a full scale change of sports and body comp.

There have been a few ex NFL/MLB players dabble in cycling pretty seriously, but none that I’m aware of getting beyond decent local amateur status. Cross fit background is going to provide a better base for cycling than what most NFL players do, but I expect it’s still a long shot. There are lots of athletes who can excel at everything at the amateur level, but being elite in multiple sports with very different physiological demands is extremely rare.

Reggie Miller a good example on the pro basketball side.

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Some guy spends his entire life dedicated to training, gets paid for it, coached in it, and focuses on both strength and aerobic fitness - and consequently has a massive aerobic engine

He then does pretty well for an amateur at a non-technical aerobic test on a bike, but his performance is something within the reach of most dedicated amateur cyclists.

goes to show that genetics matter more than we’d like to admit

I’ve never understood this response, what do you mean?


Did you notice that he had David Curtis as part of his team:

Doesn’t sound impressive at all.

He is 5’9” 190lbs.


Man, I don’t know. He had no serious cycling experience, coming from sea level, and pushing 200 lbs. Finishing 50th in his age group with that background is impressive to me. I know a lot of amateur riders who have trained and raced for years that wouldn’t have a prayer of finishing ~8:30. I think Jonathon (from TR) finished about 15 minutes faster than this guy to give some perspective.

I’m not saying an 8:30 finish makes him an elite amateur, but I think it’s a super impressive time for a beginner cyclist (regardless of background). Having the engine/power to push all that weight that fast is one thing, putting everything together in a race like that on your first try is another deal.


I kind of thought that, well maybe not the “at all” but certainly not as much as some peope are impressed by it. A bit meh.

I think he could’ve done a lot better than 8:30.

World class genetics, yet he finishes nearly 3 hours behind the winner.

Not hating, just not a fan of stories where pro athletes “dabble” in other sports while still in their prime. Almost like, “hey, that’s a cute sport you guys have here. Let me try.”

Meanwhile, people are constantly talking about how Keegan wouldn’t do well in Europe. You know, the guy who beat this dude by nearly 3 hours.

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