Creating a Triathlon event onto Calendar

Hello everyone,

How can I create a Triathlon event on TR other than adding swimming, bike, and running separately? Is there a way I can combine them and mark as “triathlon”?

I am new to the Forum and TR. I just had my annual subscription after the trial period. I have to say though $189/year is quite a big commitment for me to invest into a training platform. But I am positive TR will deliver the fitness outcome that I was hoping for.

Thanks in advance!


Hey there!

If you go into Calendar and click to add a “Race,” then you can select the appropriate length triathlon from the drop down menu :slight_smile:

Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions while you’re getting set up :+1:.

Thank you, Bryce. I was originally looking at the PC app, which I didn’t see the “triathlon” option. I find it now from the website.