Countdown Beeps start as the effort changes (not before)

Hi, I have been meaning to post for a while now. The 3 countdown beeps always start when my effort changes and not 3 seconds before. I am wondering if it is not setup correctly in the workouts that I do, or if it is a setup issue that I have? I use a windows laptop and hdmi cable to the TV to watch and get the sound from. Trainer, HRM and Cadence through ANT+.

Thanks for any help.

What trainer do you have?

All trainers have an inherent delay (or lag) from when they receive a resistance change instruction to when it actually happens. If an app sends a resistance change right on the 0 of the countdown, the actual change will be delayed from the trainer lag. It makes the workoit look time shifted to the right on the graph.

Because of that, and with the goal of aligning the actual power effort more closely over the target graph, TR sends the actu resistance change instruction about 2 seconds before the actual 0 in the countdown.

This works pretty well for many trainers. Issues may arise for some trainers that respond faster. The Neo line in particular are really quick to react and can feel like the instruction is coming too soon.

Does that sound like your issue?

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Hi Chad,

That’s not the issue. I am used to my trainer taking a few seconds to build up resistance especially.

When I’m doing a workout you can select for the system to give 3 audible beeps to warn you of the change, or that the effort is over. I would expect them to be like 3…2…over. What happens is that the effort ends and then I get the 3 beeps. so over…beep…beep

I hope that explains better?

I love TR btw.

Sorry for the trouble, this is definitely not something that athletes should experience under normal circumstances!
I would recommend getting in touch with our support team. They’ll probably have you run an isolated test to determine why the sound is delayed, help identify if it happens on specific rides, if its your TV/audio setup or trainer, etc. You can email them at, or you can submit a request online!

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My Suito will do the same. My guess looking at the average watts circle/bar. If the bar is above target towards the end of an effort ERG will ease off the resistance altogether to hit the target. Making it seem like, end of effort, beep, beep, beep.

  • No, that does not happen.

  • TR sends a pure power target in ERG to the trainer, and does not alter it in any way based on prior efforts or lagging average.

You can review the power target in the graph of any workout. It is the green line in the chart.

Beginning: note the fact that the green line is “ahead” of the actual power block.

End: note the fact that the green line is ahead of the block end.

Again, these are sent “early” in order to try and align the resistance to the intended blocks, despite trainer lag.

Workout for clips above, for reference.

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Interesting :+1: Its probably something to do with the Suito. I can be comfortably pedaling away with the circle above target and the Suito easies off resistance and the circle seems to fall back to the target :joy:

It would be good to look at the workout graph to compare the green power target line, with the actual power line, and consider cadence as well.

Something may be happening, but it’s not TR pulling strings with some goal other than matching the designated target power.

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