Converting Look zed proprietary pedals to garmin vector 3 power pedals

I have a (now rather old) Look 596 TT bike.

It came with a 1 piece integrated carbon bottom bracket/crank system- the first zed crank system.

It also has proprietary pedals that mean you cannot screw normal pedals on the bike.

This means I have always thought that the only option for a power meter was the now obsolete powertap rear hub.

Quite by accident this evening the spindle on one of the pedals came unscrewed and now I am wondering if there is any way of replacing the pedal body with the pedal body from a vector 3 pedal.

Is the spindle on a vector 3 pedal a standard size that should match the spindle on my Look pedals?

Am I right in thinking the technical bit from a vector 3 pedal is in the pedal rather than the spindle?

Any thoughts or ideas much appreciated.

If you could find those tri-lobe threaded adapters, couldn’t you use any pedals with the Look crankset?

That looks like a really good idea but having had a closer look sadly I think these adaptors fit on the opposite side of the crank arm from the zed cranks

I’m almost certain that the power meter bits are contained within the spindle and not the pedal body.


The smart bits, strain guages, are in the spindles

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For a power meter to work reliably and accurately, it needs stain gages placed on metal, the metal that is taking all of the load. So it’s always going to be on the spindle, not the plastic pedal body.

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(apologies, couldn’t resist)


It looks like there are two types of Zed cranks - the ones for the special pedals and the ones with the lobe holes in the opposite direction for use with the threaded lobe adapter and regular pedals.

Thanks - this is really helpful. Looks like the second iteration of the zed crankset took in to account people wanting to use different pedals. Now trying to find out if the zed 2 crankset would be compatible with my slightly older bike and if I can find a set on ebay! (new from look is £1k which is probably more than the bike is worth now!)