Consensus - ChatGPT for Science

Potentially interesting tool given the natural interest in physiology and endurance training in this forum

Ask a scientific question and Consensus AI will deliver summary of top papers. papers. Naturally, powered by GPT-4.

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Did you intentionally write papers twice? Sorry…couldn’t resist.



I don’t have an account, out of curiosity, what does it say if the question is ‘Is pyramidal training better for recreational athletes?’

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No useful result.

*Not enough relevant results. Try asking a well-researched question in the format ‘Does x cause y?’"


(no - not intentionally - lol)

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Unclear how relevant this is, but an attorney in my office has been playing around with ChatGPT for motion writing and they reported that it does a great job with one major caveat: it seems to also generate it’s own made up case law, making it useless.

If it does the same thing with summaries of science research, it would be similarly useless.

This could be total user error on my colleague’s part, but I thought it was interesting. Sooner or later it’ll definitely replace a good portion of my work, which will be really nice.


No doubt that better prompting also leads to better answers. That being said, ‘AI hallucinations’ is very much a feature of current generation Large Language Models.

By 2023, analysts considered frequent hallucination to be a major problem in LLM technology, with a Google executive identifying hallucination reduction as a “fundamental” task for ChatGPT competitor Google Bard.[6][23] A 2023 demo for Microsoft’s GPT-based Bing AI appeared to contain several hallucinations that went uncaught by the presenter.[6]

Hallucinations are not well understood. This is going to be quite a ride…

The hallucination phenomenon is still not completely understood.[2] Therefore, there is still ongoing research to try to mitigate its apparition.[25] Particularly, it was shown that language models not only hallucinate but also amplify hallucinations, even for those which were designed to alleviate this issue.[26]

I’ve been playing with Google Bard a little and it’s interesting to ask it things that may or may not be controversial that I already have an opinion about. Examples - is a low carb diet good for cyclists, or what is the ideal weight for a cyclist that is 6’4.

It’s kind of fun but it’s answering in ways that seem like common knowledge despite what some sections of the internet would like you to believe, but if I was asking about something that I wasn’t familiar with I’m not sure how much I would trust the results.

I guess it’s an interesting thing to play with but I think when people start using this stuff for work or to replace people we are going to get news about glaring and obvious errors.

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Hahaha :smiley:


Easier to try GPT SCI

No registration is required.

I’ll make a little noise here. Now that the buzz around ChatGPT has died down a bit, it’s safe to say that the scope of its application is quite extensive. Someone is looking for answers to simple questions, and someone successfully implements it in business and gets profit. Even in the college where I work, almost everyone does something with its help - from generating documents to syllabi. The only people you can’t envy are the teachers trying to distinguish between AI writing and a real person. My husband has completely lost his mind. With the help of AI, he not only builds his workouts but also tries to figure out how to fix his car or save some money on taxes :smile:


Chat GPT did my ramp test but now I have to deal with a 678 FTP.