Conclusions from 0.96 IF for two hour ride?

I did a two hour group ride today that ended with an IF of 0.96.

Admittedly the power was all over the place, but I was wondering if there are any conclusions to be drawn with regards to fitness and FTP from a 0.96 IF over a two hour period.

(Aside from my :leg: being :sleeping:)

Sounds like maybe you’re overdue for an FTP bump.

Edit: and yeah you should feel spent as that’s a solid ride.


Your FTP might be a bit understated, but a ride with a lot of spikes can often result in NP that is beyond what you could do at steady state. This is particularly true for riders with good repeatability in vo2max and higher zones.

I wouldn’t read too much into it other than it sounds like it was a solid ride.