Concept2 Bikeerg not sending watts info to trainerroad app

Hi, all.
It has been a month since I been trying to correctly use trainerroad with my Concept2 ergbike, but the app doesn’t shows the watts.

I’m using the wahoo dongle. It seems to be paired in the devices section, but then I start pedaling and it is not. I use the power protocol on the Concept2 ant+ connect screen, but it just doesn’t works at this time.

Really hope anyone could help. Thanks in advance.

It used to work for me, but then it stopped working and no matter what I tried, I couldn’t get it working again. The work-around is to send the (outdoor) TR workout to your cycling computer and treat it like an outdoor workout. A cheap android tablet/phone that receives both bluetooth and ANT might help you, but I couldn’t get a bluetooth-only device to work.