Concept 2 SkiErg (or Indoor Rower) on TrainerRoad

Do you have a plan to convert the C2 to use two arms vs one row handle?

As of now, I don’t. I would have to build a bench that would allow a horizontal sweeping motion underneath. Or, do the upright conversion making a skierg our of the rower. That will essentially gives me the sweeping motion parallel to my body, just vertical while I’m standing.

Like this -

It’s a bit annoying. I’ve only been able to make it work across two devices. So the iPhone runs RowedBiker and then run TrainerRoad on the iPad. The iPad will see a power meter called “iPhone”

I guess I may use the Cable hardware that another person replied with above. That’ll translate the Ant+ info into BT for TrainerRoad. Is TR worth it for rowing? Or should I use another app?

I personally find it really good for rowing. Motivating and the structure really helps me out.

I’ve put in about 100 hours on the rowing erg this year, and just added he skierg as I head into my post-bike racing future.

The ranges of motion and muscle recruitment as so different from cycling that I think it’s best to go Seiler and just look at HR on the ergs. I use ErgData and let everything go to Strava, then

You can structure workouts by pace/500m and HR, but trying to futz around with the power curves to get accurate IF and TSS is more of a pain than it’s worth, in my view.

Dropping everything into a platform that would look at HR for cross training and power for cycling would probably be the more low-maintenance route. So use TR for the bike, and something else for all three together?