Computrainer, No option for Rolldown Calibration?

I just started using trainerroad with my Computrainer and Powertap wheel. By default the software selected Powermatch from the powertap wheel and I left it that way. I did not get any prompt during the workout to do a rolldown test to check the pressure of the roller against the tire and I don’t see any option to do it manually, am I missing it?

With the power being measured by the powertap wheel roller pressure probably doesn’t matter for power accuracy but I would still like to check it to make sure it is enough for the wheel not to slip during intervals but not so much that it is causing unnecessary tire wear.

I used the same set up for about a year. I usually just tightened it by memory, then got rolling and did a quick calibration. Not the 10 minute warm up for power accuracy, just a quick spin down to see what the handlebar controller had for rolling resistance. It needs to be around 2-2.5lbs to avoid slippage. After the CT was set up I’d connect it to the computer and start up TR.

If there was no other option doing a quick rolldown before I started the trainerroad app was going to be my plan. I usually shoot for close to 2 for an endurance workout and mid, high 2s for high power interval workouts. As long as everything works properly it’s fine, just a couple extra minutes of easy spinning, I can start the trainerroad app and have my workout ready to go in less than 90 seconds.

My first choice is to have my all my software running, workout ready to go, and verify everything is working while I’m getting ready to ride. Yesterday was a perfect example why. For some reason the trainerroad software wasn’t connecting to my computrainer so I closed the app. Then the Trainerroad app wouldn’t open again so I had to restart my laptop, which means getting off the bike and standing next to the computer for several minutes. 14 minutes later I was finally starting my workout, on a day when I was already pressed for time :angry:

If you don’t use powermatch is there a rolldown calibration built into the trainerroad app? (There would have to be, Right?) Any reason it couldn’t be left turned on even when using powermatch.

Here is the FAQ from TR:

From the looks of it it’s not built into the app, just that when you press F3 to calibrate it will pause the workout so you can do a spin down and once complete the workout will resume.

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FWIW, I’ve got a CT and a Quarq and use powermatch so just tighten the same amount and do the workout. Hardly ever do a roll down.

That did it, I has just assumed the buttons on the computrainer wouldn’t do anything after Trainerroad took over. Now I should be able to warm up a bit in the workout then hit F3 to check my calibration.