Coffee & Dehydration, Poor Sleep Quality, Getting Dropped, and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 375

Coach Chad kicked butt doing double duty. Buy the man a beer or three. Yes, I miss Beers with Chad. I hope when Nate host Chad eats his lunch when there is a pause.

I checked the Skratch crispy rice cake I like, chocolate & mallow, it has 34 grams of carbs. I can eat one easily to add carbs, reduce pallet fatigue from liquid fuel and Skratch crews and it gives my stomach something to work on. Any ride over 2 hours I throw one in my jersey.

I heard a reference to @ambermalika. Is she still with TR? Really enjoy @IvyAudrain and would be interesting to have both of them on one podcast. When @Jonathan gets back have Ivy, Amber, Hanna, and Sophia in one show. It could bring up things never covered.


Agree with the sentiments above.

Great job @chad @IvyAudrain and @Nate_Pearson fun and informative Pod.

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More @chad as host. He was great, 10/10.


I have a ninja coffeemaker that will brew single cups just like it would brew a pot. Just set it to single, put two scoops of coffee in a regular coffee filter and boom. During a day I don’t even bother to put a clean filter in there, I just pile more coffee on top and brew until i can’t brew anymore. works really well.


Great job Chad! Different personalities do things differently. What works for Jonathan wouldn’t necessarily work for you and vice versa! I like this version of the podcast!

The only issue I see with Chad hosting is that he is basically the “meat” of the podcast. His deep dives are why I listen and I’m always happy when he’s on because I know he is going to present research. If he is the host, its hard to be the main attraction and the host at the same time.

HA! I was thinking this too!

Save the planet!

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I have been shamed…

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I prefer French Press Coffee, but the lack of filter allows the “coffee oils” to stay in the brew. In some, this will raise your cholesterol. Certainly did for me, so I use filtered coffee these days.

hey come to my house when kiddo #1 shows up with her masters in environmental/civil engineering and day job cleaning up ground water. She has been here at least 4 times this summer and everytime we are shamed over something new LOL :joy:

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I second Nate’s feedback about light roast pour-overs. Highly recommended :slight_smile:


This can raise LDL? I did not know that. Over the past 10 years I’ve been getting flagged for high overall cholesterol, but never for the ratio. my HDL has been high but my GP (who’s also sports medicine) and cardiologist haven’t seemed to worried about it. LOTS of excercise seems to defuse a lot of conversations. Not all, but many.

My wife and I swapped from French press to Chemex pour over, because of her cholesterol. Subsequent checks after the switch have shown reductions to get here more into the acceptable range. She was reading similar comments about the press and how it draws parts of the coffee out.


It never occurred to me that the oils from coffee would be that big of a factor, even more so at the quantity one would get from 2 cups. I wonder if the roast matters there? Darker roasts, less caffeine, but more oils and more caffeine in light, but are the oils impacted as well.
Mark this as a new question for Coach Chad. #IMPORTANT!

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I won’t claim to be any level of expert here. She did all her own research, but my quick skims also showed it can be one place to improve, among many of the other typical considerations.

About once a week, I use a bag of coarse ground coffee in a Toddy cold brewer. I then use 4oz coffee/8 oz water for 90 seconds in the microwave for every 12 oz cup. Fresh, hot, strong coffee without the daily hassle and waste of pour-over. Also cheaper because 1 bag of coffee goes farther. I’ve never been able to make pour-over that wasn’t lukewarm.

This was a great podcast. And @chad did an amazing and entertaining job!

Wish beers with chad was back. Was a light in the darkness that was the start of the pandemic


Great job @chad , especially considering realtime critiques from Nate and him sitting back and doing nothing to help you.


One note to @Nate_Pearson: in many parts of Europe, pour-over coffee is the default.

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Regarding the athlete who had the bad crash and was trying to figure out how to regain confidence, Carrie Cheadle Jackson is a terrific resource here. She has a book called Rebound and has a whole podcast called the Injured Athlete’s Club. My team brought her in to talk to us during one of our team camps, with the focus on mental toughness and mental skills, and she was truly amazing. Lots more info/resources about injuries/recovering here and here.

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I liked this week’s pod. It reminded me of the early years when it was less polished. Jonathan has built some great hosting skills over time.

I honestly would consume whatever the TR crew is serving any way they like.

I just re-read the forum rules and will not enter the coffee debate. :joy: