Coeur D’Alene June 2020

Who here has done this? I’m used to cold water swimming in the PNW, where a wetsuit is encouraged, although, a lot still don’t wear one here. I understand the water is warm at the lake at Coeur D’Alene. Is a wetsuit necessary? I ask, because I hate wearing that thing, and I find it’s an annoyance to wear. What are the pros/cons to wearing/not wearing a wetsuit for this specific location for the 70.3?

I am doing CDA in 2020. Depending on how good of a swimmer you can go without. I am a decent swimmer 30-35 min and wear one as I like the extra buoyancy and don’t like being cold.

I hate wearing it, because it feels so restrictive. I know I was fitted properly, so that’s not the issue. This was stupid on my part, but the first time wearing one was at the sprint triathlon I did three years ago, and I had a panic attack in the water. I will be doing open water swims this year when it gets warmer in the puget sound.

Then get a sleeveless one.