Coach Jonathan's knee clinic?

IIRC there was a past podcast episode where @Jonathan mentioned a clinic that he traveled to for help with dealing with knee issues, anyone know the name?

Sorry for the delayed response here!

Jonathan’s clinic was with Dr. Jay Dicharry at Rebound Physical Therapy in Bend Oregon. You can check their website out here:

Thank you for sharing the information. I am going to move to another state, and I need to find a new orthopedic doctor. I am having problems with my joints after a surgeon, and I need to go to consultation once a year. Now I am going to a Fort Wayne ortho clinic, and I feel bad when I understand that I won’t be able to continue my treatment there. I have got an injury on my knee while I was working in the garage, and they operated it. I started to have some joint pain and they easily recovered it and helped me to recover as possible from that operation.