Coach Chad's Strength Training Recommendations For Cyclists

Coggan also says a Untraines has an 11.86 w/kg 5 second sprint… and that hurts my feelings. :rofl:

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This is pretty much what I’m doing currently, coming off a recent history of… no strength training at all.

I’d say that something is better than nothing, and if that amount of reps feels like a sensible amount of “overload”, then it probably is. Likewise, the one benefit of starting from a low base is that you don’t need to do too much to see an impact!

You can almost definitely add in a wider variation of bodyweight exercises though, particularly re. the core work! Lots of examples in existing threads etc.

Following the last news letter, multiple podcasts and my intuition :)…
I would like to incorporate 2 strength trainings per week.


Medium Volume has itself 11 training sessions per week.
… I should leave one day for the rest
… the progress needs measured stress + sufficient rest time
… and it’s not good to combine workouts

So, @chad how to accomplish all of these together?
The truth should lie in the middle, of cause :), but where?

Is it possible nevertheless to combine some workouts with strength training?
Might be swimming? If so, witch one is better: VO2/base intervals or continues?
and I assume, it should precede the swimming session. Am I right?
What is the intensity would you recommend and how long (20/30/45/60 min)?

MV what? You mention swimming so I’m guessing on of the triathlon plans.

Chad’s recommendations are strength goals, not training protocols. So if you meet some of the criteria, you may already be “strong enough”.

If you look at the Strength training thread, there is loads of discussion on how to periodise your strength training, and fit it into a weekly plan.

Personally when I lift I’m lifting heavy I would lift on Wednesdays and Saturdays in the morning and do no other training on the same day. If I am doing maintenance then I lift in the morning and only do cycling on the same day at least four hours later.

Thanks for reply and for the reference
Yes, I mean MV of Full Distance Triathlon plan

I doubt is there a definition of “strong enough”. I’m looking at strength sessions as supporting load for my training plan. To be stronger isn’t a goad. I hope it would help me in this direction as well but first of all I’m looking for strengthening ligaments and joints and preventing potential injuries

Take a look at Scientific Triathlon’s Strength Training plan:

Great plan, I bought it. Also IMHO the Scientific Triathlon podcast is the simply the best for unbiased evidence based information on training.

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