HELP - TT dillemma! Which bike to use? (aero bike OR standard bike with clip ons)

This season I will be riding my first TT’s!

My bikes;

CAAD10 with aluminium training wheels (can attach clip on bars)
Madone SLR Disc with aero everything and 50mm wheels.


should I race with my Madone? or would it be faster to race my CAAD with clip on bars?

I have no trouble with riding with my arms resting on the tops of the bars

I’d imagine getting accustomed to your aero position would be of benefit.

How long is the tt? Profile? Are you racing Merckx or age group?

The shorter it is - the more I lean to madone. The longer the more those bars will take an effect.

CAAD10 with clip ons will be faster. No question. You never have to tease the positive effect of aero bars out of your ride data. It’s always obvious in pretty much every condition. As long as you can stay on the aerobars, they’re better.

But if it’s a hilly TT in the rain…

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