Clip on tri bars

I’ve just got some budget ones for my gravel/bikepacking rig with an aim to get some long days in and maybe try a couple self support events next year if I can find a “beginers” style one.

Is there anytips or technique to riding with them? Anything I should definetly not do?

Don’t ride them in groups. don’t ride them on descents. practice with them on known good pavement before using them on gravel. Set them up high, they aren’t about getting aero for this purpouse, its about being able to spend time in a comfortable position that puts no weight on the hands. Be constantly thinking about impending need to brake.


Also watch out for crosswind gusts.

Not sure about height, for me lower feels better, less lower back pain after 3+hr Z3. Matters less with long Z2 rides. Probably something related how core is engaged during different intensities. YMMV. Maybe try find set that has adjustable height, so you can experiment.

I think the most important thing to remember when riding is that you’re going to have less weight over the back wheel, so that’s going to affect your control over the bike especially on uneven pavement. Pays to anticipate any stops or sketchy bits of road well ahead of time. I’ve also heard of people running different tire pressures in each wheel, but i’ve never tried that myself.

you might also need to change your position- standard practice is saddle up and forward, with the nose tilted down a bit more due to the increased pressure on the front area. Not sure if this would change if you’re going for comfort specifically, but it’s definitely worth doing a few longer test runs and perhaps getting a fit if you’re able. If you’re planning on being in the bars for long hours it will magnify any discomfort/niggles you might be able to get away with on shorter rides.

I don’t think you need to look for a “beginners” aerobar specifically, just find what’s comfortable for you.