Clip-On Aero Bars for Enve AR SES Handlebars

Does anyone know of any clip-on aero bars for the Enve AR SES Handlebars?

I’m thinking of doing the Let’s Roll Endurance Trial Event and some aero bars would help. Enve offers clip-on bars but they are specific to their Aero Road handlebars. Looking at pictures I think the aero foil is longer and have not found any aero bars that work with the AR SES handlebars. TIA!

The SES Aero Extensions integrate seamlessly with the SES Aero Road Bar and provide the fastest solution for athletes looking for refined aerodynamics on a road bike. The SES Aero Extensions are compatible only with the SES Aero Road Handlebar.

Correct…I have the Aero bars on my road bike and the AR bars on my gravel bike (newly installed). The flat tops on the AR bar are significantly smaller than the Aero bars…even smaller than the Zipp Service Course alloy bars that were on my gravel bike previously.

Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer to your aerobar question.

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@Power13 thanks! This at least confirms that the Enve aero bars will not work for the AR SES handlebars.

The other issue with the AR bars is the entire aerofoil is a continuous taper, so even if you custom printed something to clamp perfectly onto the bit nearest the stem, if you managed to start shimmying the clamp outwards it would just keep getting looser as it slides further and further from center.

This has just given me the idea to make a clamping mechanism that includes a bridge to keep the L/R clamps a set distance apart from each other - I’d bet it’s the same on all sizes of the AR bars. Something like that which then integrated into the spacers/pads/extensions of a ubiquitous brand like Profile Design would probably work really well (and I expect would find a niche but significant market since I’ve seen a lot of people exploring this exact issue). It’s not my skillset at all but could be a great project for the right person.

My solution was to use the stem from the Tarmac SL7 and the Specialized TT clip ons - they fasten to the stem rather than the bars. Worked out well for me as the SL7 spacer setup integrates pretty seamlessly with my gravel bike, but I expect that’s an edge case. The stem will probably fit most bikes but in a lot of situations would likely look like ‘the wrong part’.

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3D printing a shim for the clamps is a good idea. I have some very old Century aerobars lying around. The right taper, plus your idea of a “bridge” to hold the shims together would work. Thanks!

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Please report back here with your results if you get a minute. Could be a game changer for a lot of us I think!

ControlTech makes a few options that are stem mounted that are not specific to one manufacturer. Assuming you have a semi-standard stem, this could be an option. Not sure about the adjustment of the angle relative to the stem, but I considered getting a set to try on my gravel bike.