Low Cost Alternative to Enve AR SES Road Handlebar

Does anyone know of a low cost alternative to the Enve AR SES Road Handlebar? $400(USD) is excessive - many power meters cost less than that!

I like the compound flare and that the drops have distinct angles/sections, as opposed to a slope that continuously changes. Carbon and aero are not requirements, so I’d be fine with a round bar made of aluminum. I would like the ability to elite cables internally. Thanks!

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I wish I had a better answer for you…but the Enve AE SES bars are amazing. The contours are very confortable and the flare is perfect. It lets you tilt your hoods a bit which I find way more comfortable while still feeling confident in the drops.

Not affiliated in any way…but I got mine at biketiresdirect.com since they occassionally have 20% off sales.

I personally don’t race (crit racers for example may not like the flare), but I love long rides. I did 190 miles over a weekend last year with these handlebars and never had an issue with hand comfort.

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@FrankTuna thanks for the info. I have not test ridden them yet but they look ideal for the riding I do, which is very similar to yours - no races, long rides, etc. The handlebars are one of only three touch points to the bike, so … but $400 is a lot of money. :weary:

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Trust me…it pained me to spend the money at first, but no regrets!

My lightly used Enve Aero bars (44)?

Quick question for those who own them…do you have to use the enve bar end plugs? i.e are they a permanent fixture or can you use whatever endplugs you want? Always wondered this…

My current bars are 40cm, but that’s on a bike that is one size too big so we narrowed the bars and shortened the stem to reduce the reach. I’m getting a frame finder fit in a few weeks, so I’ll have a better idea of proper handlebar size then. Thanks!

+1 here and it wasn’t even the first time I spent the money. I got some 3T Aeroghiaias first at similar cost and I can’t say what the issue was exactly but they just didn’t feel right (probably also way more flare than anyone could want on a road bike).

I bought the SES AR because it looked similar to the 3Ts but with half the flare. They are so much better in so many ways. Better build quality. Carbon is better tuned (absorbs vibration really well but doesn’t feel flexy). Shape is spot on. And the Enve warranty is unbeatable (lifetime free crash replacement regardless of fault, etc. which is really reassuring given it’s on a gravel bike)

I feel like my enve bars are 100% worth the stupid money I spent on them, and I absolutely didn’t feel like that with the 3T set. So much so that now I actually ogle enve wheelsets, where before I always just looked at them and thought there’s no way they could be worth what they cost.


Normal plugs won’t fit out of the box, but they have cut lines and instructions showing you how to saw off the tip of the drops in order to fit a bar-end di2 junction box (both sides so you can choose where to place it). I’ve not done it so can’t say what they’re like once you make the cut but I assume that means you could saw both sides and use traditional plugs.

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Thanks. This is very helpful.

I recently dealt with Enve support when I chipped my 5.6 front wheel. I’m beyond thrilled with the way they handled everything.

I have an AR handlebar on order through BTD. Expected to ship in October :confused:

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BOCO my man is the way

The Easton EC 90 and 70s are nicely made.

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Did you ever find a solution? These look pretty similar and are 20% today.

I love my Enve AR SES bars but am waiting to see if Enve can replace them after a recent crash. I think I’m going to pick up these Whisky ones just in case.

3T Aeroghiana. ~$260 shipped.

May not be a popular response on here, but…

If you are worried about the “safety” or quality just message the vendor to send you a video of the bars being stress tested.

Also before I get yelled at that they are USA made company

I did not find anything much cheaper but am interested in the Zipp SL-70 Aero.

Maybe not too similar but I’m a big fan of my Pro Vibe Alloy Compact handlebar.

This is a good handlebar. I’m looking for something with a bit more ergonomic fit in the drops (i.e. flat or even a bump that fits into the palm) that is also aero. The Pro Vibe Aero is on my short list.

I put the # Prime Primavera Aero Carbon Road on my SL7 and liking them so far, although only had them about 6 weeks and was off the bike with covid for 2 of those. £140 from Chain Reaction/Wiggle for carbon/aero/internal cable routing.

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