Climbing wheels Rapide CLX vs Alpinist CLX

Just a quick one…

Has anyone experienced both wheel sets for when it comes to mountains, would getting the Alpinist give a slight climbing advantage? Or because I am not a Pro Goat, will I noticed any difference?

I currently have the Rapide CL but cant find their weight anywhere…they’re not listed on the Roval site.

Are these your wheels, if so the weight is listed at 1515g

Thanks but they’re the CL 50 i have the Rapide CLs.

I spoke with Roval and between the Rapide CL and Alpinist CL i would be saving about 150g in weight.

Not sure that’s worth the investment.

What about something like Hunt’s 33 Carbon Aero Disc Wheelset? They’re very similar to the Alpinist CL’s, but 18 grams lighter and can be run tubeless if desired. Oh, also over $500USD cheaper.

I’m rocking their 36 UD Carbon Spoke Rim Brake Wheelset at 1,295g and absolutely love them :ok_hand:t3:

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I’m not sure that 150g savings is really a worthwhile thing to chase for most riders. Sure it probably makes a difference, but probably not be worth the cost. I think a lot of these products only exist because consumers are willing to pay for them and think “if I want to climb well I need a climbing bike and climbing wheels”. If your wheels are already using good hubs and quality rims with a good brake surface (presuming rim brake here) I wouldn’t bother going through the trouble

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If you have them, why don’t you just weigh them?
Also, they are 1510g (
Aero wheels are basically always faster. 150g or even 250g on wheels is negligible unless you want a bike to flex on the weight weenies or you are at a point of your physique, where loosing 250g of body weight severely lowers your performance.

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I think there have been a couple of podcasts that were basically like, weight savings dont’ matter as much as a lot of people think and “rotating weight” doesn’t matter as much as wheel manufacturers claim.

So if they’re light enough, they roll good, and they handle good, you’ll be all set. I certainly wouldnt’ sweat over 150g difference for the set.

Other ways to save weight that are cheaper than the alpinist wheelset:

  • Run Tubolitos- a saving of approx 70g per wheel compared to regular inner tubes : 70g x 2 = 140g
  • Run SRAM RED cassette- a saving of about 100 grams compared to a Ultegra cassette: = 100 grams

thanks for the video ill give that a watch later. Agree with your points.

Do you use tubolitos? I have really heard mixed reviews on them.

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Yeah I use them on my weekend bike. I did have a slow leak valve on one of them but it was replaced by Tubolito under warranty.

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